29 August 2006

As promised ...

Here is a picture of Niece E on her wedding day, last Friday, August 25. Doesn't she look beautiful?

And here she is with her new husband, and their baby, who was born last February. I love this picture, don't they look happy?!

It's not that easy to see in the photos, but she was wearing a beautiful lacy pale gray wrap around her shoulders. It was really delicate, and perfect for a summer wedding. I'm not sure where she bought it, but it was disappointing at the end of the day, when she realized that the left side was split lengthwise, right up the middle! None of us could figure out when or how it happened, but I told her to check a few different types of places (including yarn stores) to see if there was someone who might be able to repair it.

In a perfect world, I would have knitted it for her (and hopefully it wouldn't have split) ... in the real world, I would have had to start knitting it about 3 years before she was born to be finished by last Friday!

Tonight I get started on The Great Swatch for my husband Tim's birthday present, which shall remain nameless at least for now, until I can get an idea if he ever looks at the blog unless I specifically mention something to him. It's been a long time since I've knitted anything that really needed a gauge swatch, but I really want this, er, "item" to be as close to a perfect fit as possible. Any kind thoughts in my direction are most appreciated. :-)


Carol said...

Beautiful bride -- and that's the largest corsage I've ever seen in my life. Beautiful baby, too.

My best fit tip is always to find an item that fits the wearer perfectly and use it as a template for the knitted one. So find the willie warmer he likes best and knit one to match. ;)

Bridget said...

Thanks for the hint!

Actually, it's Liz's bouquet, not a corsage - her sister Amanda made it for her, so she knew she had better make sure it got into all of the pictures ...