28 January 2009

Super Sunday - and Not Even a Football Game!

This past Sunday turned out to be one of the best ever! And the Super Bowl isn't until this coming Sunday ... so what made it so great?

Well, first of all, Carol had a booksigning for her new book at Loop in the afternoon. I'm sure you all know that I love Carol (even though The Tim hates her - just ask Carol!) as a person, because she is smart, funny, sarcastic, and silly. But she is also an amazing knitwear designer, and yarn dyer. I had seen a copy of the book when it came out, and it's not only full of great sock designs, but the first part discusses the unique qualities of handpainted yarns, and what to consider when you are knitting with them. The booksigning was a real success, with a constant stream of people coming into the shop to see Carol and have their books signed, but also buy some of her Black Bunny yarns that she just happened to bring along. It was also nice, since Craig (Loop's owner) had managed to get the samples of the socks in the book. Not surprisingly, seeing them in person was even better than the pictures in the book.

I got to see Laura, who is one of Carol's co-authors of Knit So Fine. Laura is a part-timer at Rosie's, and it had been a while since our paths had crossed. So I had a great time catching up with her, and finding out what she has been up to (more designing!). I also met Anne Marie, who is better known in blog-comment-land as "Anne Marie in Philly!" That was a blast, since I feel like I already have known her for a while, and here she was in person - yay! Beth and Eileen were also there, so we caught up on any news since we'd last seen each other.

Now all of that would have made it a good day, but when I got home, there was more! A package from my friend Amanda, who had to move to Atlanta at the end of the summer when her fiancee started law school there. Amanda is not just a knitting buddy, she is a wonderful friend, and she also is Cyrus' the dog's mom, and I miss them both so much, it's just not fair! Anyway, apparently, the post office had delivered the package sometime on Saturday, but after the regular mail, so they just threw the box into the entryway. The Tim found it, and brought it in. (Muttering under his breath, I might add, "It has to be related to knitting." As if.)

The box contained gifts for the whole family! A beautiful Christmas ornament for all of us to enjoy, a pair of handmade earrings for me, a gift for The Tim (who has not opened it yet), and the gift that caused the most excitement we've seen in these parts in a long time:
She sent each of the kitties a bird, embroidered with their names, stuffed with catnip! These birds are so cute, she used this pattern, and just added catnip to make them even more appealing to those of the feline persuasion. Oh, the rubbing, the rolling, the biting, and the fighting that went on (and that was just between The Tim and I - ha)!

"What a wonderful thing to send in a box! I must kill it!"

"Rub, rub, rub."

"Don't even think about sniffing this, you two!"

"Even the part with my name smells good!"

"Mine, mine, mine, mine!"

"Yes, little red bird, I am that Tess - she of the Kitty Jihad and World Domination Plan! I will be happy to make you one of my minions ..."

Thank you Amanda, for not just sending a package, but sending such a great one - and taking the time to make the kitty toys, and "purr"-sonalize them! It was such a great surprise, and all of you know that getting a package in the mail is one of my favorite things in the universe.

Needless to say though, by the end of the day, we were all quite worn out. Some of us more than others ...

"These also make nice pillows."


Lisa said...

There are some days when I hate being out of cats.

Yay Carol!

Carol said...

I agree, Lisa. (With the cats part I mean -- I hope I'm not that conceited yet to cheer for myself...)

Is that the back of my love, Chat de Jardin (or Garden Kitteh as we say in LOL-land)???

You know it is always wonderful to see you. And you forgot to say how when you finally met Tom he immediately knew who you were b/c of me talking about you all the time. (In a good way.)

Carrie K said...

Oh those spoiled cats!! Now mine are going to want some monogrammed birdies of their own to kill. Nice!

Brenda said...

Glad you had such a good time, although perhaps not as good a time as your cats with there new toys!

mary said...

Oh my goodness, what lovely gifts for the kitties of Kitty Jihad!

That's a good friend to make such lovely gifts for the cats. I enjoyed the "Mine, mine, mine, mine" and the final collapse on the kitty rug.

I peeked at each of the Ravelry links, very, very, and VERY nice. Especially the 3rd 'here' because it's finished. Can't beat that! Still, kidding aside, nice work, I especially like #3 here.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Kitty Jihad (giggle)

Channon said...

Very cute. Don't you love friends who think of your fur-kids?!

Danette said...

I love all of the "fur patrol" pictures! And what a wonderful friend Amanda is. Getting a package in the mail is the most fun thing in the world isn't it?!

Brigitte said...

Oh, those are so cute! Atticus is a bit envious of Tess' new bird, but he says to tell her that it won't get in the way of him being one of her faithful minions! Honest!

Kathleen said...

Adorable! Poor Riley is going to turn up his nose at the pile of standard issue catnip mice now.