28 October 2009

Time Marches On ...

This Day in History

October 28:

1466 - Birth of Desiderius Erasmus.

1636 - Harvard University founded.

1793 - Eli Whitney applies for a patent on the cotton gin.

1858 - Macy's department store opens in New York.

1886 - Statue of Liberty dedicated by President Grover Cleveland.

1919 - The Volstead Act is passed (Prohibition!).

1958 - The Roman Catholic patriarch of Venice, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, was elected pope, taking the name John XXIII.

1965 - The Gateway Arch is completed in Saint Louis, Missouri.

1978 - The Tim and Bridget are married. 

2009 - Game 1 of the 2009 World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees, at Yankee Stadium. 



Lynn said...

Macy's, the cotton gin, and your anniversary!! What a day in history!! And the fact that the World Series started that day seems fitting as well.

Carrie K said...

Happy Anniversary! Do you celebrate the repealing of the Volstead Act too?

Lisa said...

What better way to celebrate than with a (cotton) gin martini? Happy happy!

Good god, my security word was ploope.

Marie said...

1922 - My father was born. Happy anniversary! And here's hoping the Phillies kick butt -- again!

My security word was "rever" which I do believe is an actual word.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Clever as always, kiddo.

Congratulations on both events :)

Roxanne said...

So great that you get to cheer on the Phillies on your Anniversary! Cheers!

Karen W. said...

Happy Anniversary! Go Phils!

Anonymous said...

That's all????


Kathleen Dames said...

Happy Anniversary! We were cheering on the Phillies last night (boo, Yankees!).

Quilting Mama said...

What a momentous day! Happy Anniversary to a wacky fun couple.

Lorette said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!