08 January 2012

2011 Project Summary

Thanks for all of the well-wishes about our adoption of Dug the Dog.  We are so happy to have him in our family, and he seems pretty pleased as well.  Even the kitties don't have their noses too far out of joint - Jetsam is cautious, but not freaked out, and Pip is curious because if he could just get One.Good.Sniff. without Dug moving, he'd know what was going on ...

I made this mosaic of my 2011 craft projects (called so because one of them - the wreath - is not knitted, though technically it used knitting yarn to create), and though they are few, I'm pleased with all of them.

I was thinking that it seemed that I did more, and then I realized that two projects I was working on were sweaters that are still in progress, as well as the Graydon socks, which I haven't finished, because I'm not sure I like them that much after all.  They are in a time-out at the moment, until I feel like picking them up again and deciding.  In the end, they may be frogged and turned into regular plain socks, but that's a decision for the [probably near] future.

I'm in the process of deciding what projects I want to focus on for 2012, and how I want to approach things.  Remember I said I've been giving some thought to a lot of things for this year?  Well, that's one of them.  I feel like I'm getting myself organized with a plan, which always makes me feel good about anything.

One thing that will be new to me starts this Tuesday evening, when I take the first in a series of five classes in Beginning Quilting at Spool, which is about a block and a half from my house.  I have a class credit there, I've always loved quilts, and have actually tried to avoid actively taking a class, figuring that I didn't need yet another thing to become obsessed with ... however, I decided that I would just go ahead and take the class and find out how I feel about it.  I would like to think that if I fall in love with quilting, I'll have learned from my experience with knitting that I don't have to have every piece of fabric I like, any more than I have to have every skein of yarn that I like ....

(I'll keep you posted on that one.)


Marie said...

Dug is adorable, as are all dogs -- and cats.

You are so organized with your projects, planning ahead. Mine come about haphazardly. With yarn, I'm like a magpie with a shiny object ("Ooh, pretty shiny, gotta have!"). Right now I'm working on a scarf made of one of those pretty shinys.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Can't follow your logic. I agree with Carrie Fisher: instant gratification isn't fast enough.