12 August 2012

Project Fail

Well, like so many other high hopes I have, that may be unrealistic, my project for the Ravellenic Games was a failure.

Remember this yarn, that was going to be a Caeles?

Valley Yarn Goshen yarn

I did actually cast-on and get started during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies - I had already done my swatch the day before! - and things were going along pretty swimmingly.  I got a little bit beyond this point

Caeles wip

when I ran into the type of directions that say, "Begin to decrease for the armholes, while also shaping neckline, decreasing 4 stitches every 8th row 6 times, and at the same time, begin neck shaping by knitting the first 10 stitches for 2 rows in stockinette stitch, and every 18th stitch on every 12th row in seed stitch, while also baking a cake and paying your bills, when not doing backbends."

OK, it didn't really say that, but at the point I was reading it, things sure sounded that way!  I realized I would need time to slowly read through the directions, perhaps make notes, and be sure I could actually read said notes, before going any farther.  The problem being, that the last couple of weeks turned out to be really hectic, and particularly busy at work.  I'd come home in the evening, and the last thing I would have been able to do was concentrate on the pattern directions.

So nothing else was accomplished.  I am disappointed, but not really upset, since I know that even though I'm putting it aside for a time out right now, I will go back to it.  I like the pattern and the yarn well enough that I don't want to NOT end up with a completed project!

I also realize that in the real world, I would not even make it to the Olympic trials, so it's not that I didn't win a medal, I didn't even go to London.  And that's fine, since it was more of a personal challenge than anything else.  I am willing to keep plugging along with my knitting, even if I am not patient enough in most other activities in my life.

I want to finish three other projects that are in different states of development before I even pick it up again.  And I've started to think about holiday gifts, even though I only have one project in mind that is a sure thing, and it's a quilting project.

Congratulations to those of you who accomplished your goals!  I hope you are feeling proud of yourselves.  I know that I'm impressed, truly.

So tonight, as I watch the Closing Ceremonies, I'll be sad that the Olympics are over, since I do enjoy them, but I'll also be enjoying watching those who were there celebrate just the fact that they made it in the first place, whether or not they are toting home medals.

(I probably won't be knitting though ...)


Nancy said...

Sometimes, just being a part of the adventure/experience is enough. I know you'll knit that sweater when the time is right.

Mereknits said...

I feel you pain, last Olympics I casted on for a sweater coat, really what was I thinking. It is still in the bottom of my closet catching dust bunnies but no where near being finished. This year I decided to just knit and crochet without any pressure. I really enjoyed the time I had to watch the Olympics without the stress. Finish your other projects and you will return to this beautiful sweater when the time is right.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

uh, the dreaded "at the same time" event. A sure thing to stop even the most intrepid knitter in their tracks. Oh well, hopefully you'll get some time to sit down with pattern and sort it all out soon!

joanchicago said...

You have a good record of finishing projects. You'll get to this sweater. For my part, I'm looking forward to seeing your quilting project after Christmas or whenever it gets declassified.

Lorette said...

I didn't finish much, either. Oh well.

I've found that when I run into those "at the same time" directions it helps to graph it out. I draw a big picture of a sweater and pencil in those decrease every four row etc. where they're supposed to happen. Otherwise I get 20 rows along and find I've forgotten something.