25 September 2006

Fruit flies like a banana

I can't remember the funny saying, but it goes something like this: "Time flies like a ___; fruit flies like a banana." Stupid, yet amusing. Not hi-larious, though.

Anyway, I looked at the calendar today, and realized that in three months it will be Christmas Day. I also realized that the beginning of The Birthday Marathon is this coming Sunday, October 1. So it's time to review my plans for birthday and holiday gifts.

But first, you may ask, What exactly is this Birthday Marathon you speak of? Said marathon begins on October 1 and ends on December 30 every year. During that time, approximately 20 friends and family members have birthdays, plus Tim and I have our wedding anniversary. To add to the fun, this year my Niece A is getting married on Friday, October 27, so add another important Date to Remember.

Not all of these people get birthday gifts, they all get something, even small, for Christmas/Hannukah/Festivus. (But I do send birthday cards at a minimum, so you may want to run out and buy some Hallmark stock.)

OK, now to review this year's gift-making plans:

1. A pair of socks for a couple of friends, for their first anniversary on October 7. The socks were supposed to be a wedding present. I have the toe of the guy's sock, and the mate to go, and both pairs will be ready for gifting. Hm. Well, I will persevere, and if I'm not finished by October 7, I'll present them whenever they are finished. Because it's just lame to take another year to finish them!

2. The BD gift for Tim, which must remain a mystery, as it seems that he does occasionally take a look at my blog. All I'll say is that I have until November 18 to finish it, and I got a nice chunk of knitting done this past weekend when he was out of town. So yay, I think I'll make it!

3. Wait. That's it. *If* I feel like I am making any kind of true progress with #1 and #2, I may try to squeeze in a pumpkin hat for my GreatNephew Z. If not this year, next year for sure, since he'll only be about 18 months old at Halloween 2007, plenty young enough to wear a cute hat without peer mockery.

In my imaginary life, I can knit as many gifts as I want to, they all turn out beautifully, are completed with plenty of time, and the recipients are thrilled. (I do so enjoy my imaginary life. Especially when I can meet famous people, and give them a piece of my mind, and they are appropriately chagrined. But I digress.) In real life, I am not the world's quickest knitter, and I'm not sure how much some of the people in question would want/appreciate a knitted gift. So I'm a lot more exclusive, as far as who gets what, and when.

Fortunately, I have moved beyond the December 24 all-night marathon to still not finish something. I also don't usually tell people I'm making them something, so that if it doesn't go well, they are not expecting something, and wondering what the deal is (for instance, the sock recipients mentioned above have no reason to suspect or think I was even considering making them something).

Now, do not fear that I will suddenly begin going on and on about the upcoming holidays, starting today. I just noticed the date, and it got me to thinking. But rest assured that I have strict rules regarding holidays, and when you can discuss/decorate/celebrate them. And there are few things that annoy me more than people pushing ahead inappropriately - i.e., Halloween candy for sale the week before Labor Day. Also, under NO circumstances are Christmas decorations appropriate until the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is over (I'm looking at you, J.C. Penney).

So it's time to sign off, get a couple of birthday cards ready to send, and get back to my knitting! Because no matter how much I try to switch, my real life is the one I'm living. :-)


Carol said...

Ahem. Time flies like an arrow...

Bridget said...

I knew I could count on you, oh sage one!