08 September 2006

Stars and Stripes

Here is a hat I knit this past spring, to send to my GreatNephew Z, who was born in February:

It's the "Stars & Stripes Hat" by Debby Ware. I bought the kit at Rosie's Yarn Cellar last summer, originally thinking I would make it for another baby. But I changed my mind, and once baby Z was born, I decided that I'd make it for him. The pattern is very well written and easy to follow, and the kit contains enough yarn to make two hats. I left off the little bobbly-things that the pattern includes, because I thought the hat had plenty going on without them.

And if you think it looks good on the canteloupe, here he is wearing the hat!

Isn't he a cutie? This is actually only the second time I have ever received a picture of any baby wearing any of the hats I've ever knit - and I've made lots of baby hats over the years! In this picture, it looks like I messed up the cast-on row, which is not beyond the realm of possibility ... however, since he is a baby, I figure I can always say that he was pulling on the yarn or whatever ... yes, I have no shame, I will shift blame from myself to a baby!

Methinks a pumpkin hat may be in his future. :-)

On another note, my gauge swatch for Tim's birthday gift turned out quite well, and since he is working this evening, I will officially cast on and get started! I'm really anxious to feel like I'm making some progress, instead of just getting everything ready to begin. Hopefully it will be one of those projects that goes as smoothly as I'm thinking it will.

I'll keep you posted. Literally.


the wicked witch of the east said...

hey...that baby is waaaaay more partiotic than that melon...and far cuter...and why oh why are you pouring all that time, love and energy into make a gift for your husband when you can just buy a perfectly fine symblol of capitalistic materialism w/ the souless cash you earn from your tedious and unfullfilling work??

Bridget said...

Tedious and unfulfilling work? Surely you jest ... ;-)

the wicked witch of the east said...

maybe that was a tad bit too much hyperbole, huh??