22 October 2008

Knitting Arizona

The Southwest Socks, they are finished!

After fighting with the toe of the second sock, I finally finished it on Sunday evening. The colors are a little bit brighter than in this photo, but this was the best one I could get, and it's not really too far off.

Here are the details:

Pattern: Yankee Knitter Classic Socks for the Family
Yarn: Dancing Leaf Farm Sock Hop, 1 skein
Needles: US size 2

Comments: I'm pleased with how they turned out, though they gave me problems from the get-go. Not so much with the pattern, since it was just a basic sock pattern, but I had to restart them several times, and then just as there was about 1 inch left to knit on the foot of the second sock, I was pulling yarn from the center pull ball, when a huge tangle of yarn came out! (I think it was Carol who called this phenomenon "yarn vomit," and that's just what it's like.) Anyway, it took me two evenings to untangle it to the point where I could continue knitting. Then when I got to the toe, I kept dropping stitches - grrr! But they are finished, blocked, and ready to be gifted, and I do like the final result.

They are a Christmas gift for my nephew's wife, Liesl, and the colors remind me of the Arizona desert. They live in Tucson, so I hope the socks will feel at home there.

If you are dying to see the Ravelry entry, it's here. Go crazy.


Maureen said...

Finished Southwest Socks, whoot, whoot.... oh wait that was what I said for the Philadelphia Phillies. Very nice pair of socks you have there. I've got at least three singles that have yet to meet their mate - single socks that is. Just can't get beyond the one sock syndrome.

Mr Puffy said...

Those are very attractive socks! It's been so long since I've used any Dancing Leaf Farm yarn - thanks for reminding me!

Yarn vomit. Hum. Thanks for the visual - LOL

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I thought the whole point of the center pull ball was to avoid the puke.

I do like the color- she'll adore them.

Carrie K said...

Cute socks! I hate when yarn tangles like that. Yarn vomit? LOL! It's bad enough when you're winding it, but while knitting???? Just wrong.

Jeanne said...

Great socks! I hate when yarn vomits!

Lorette said...

Perfect socks! I hate yarn barf.