19 June 2010

Wedding Bells

A week ago today, The Tim and I got into our little blue car, and headed north, to Highland, New York (not far from Poughkeepsie).  That evening we attended the wedding of his middle brother Patrick.  It was a beautiful setting, and even though it was hot and humid and there were bugs, it was still well worth the trip.

Patrick and his now-wife, Erika, live in NYC during the week, but on the weekends, they head north to a house that Erika designed and built a few years ago.  It's a fabulous house, which leaves no question that she likes to cook (oh that kitchen!) and the back patio has an absolutely breathtaking view of the Hudson River and lots of forest area around it.  Which I now realize that none of the pictures show, so you'll have to trust me on this one.

Anyway, here are the best pictures that were in my camera from that day, some actually taken by me, some by The Tim, who is much more willing to step in front of people for a picture than I am ...

The setting: the meadow to the side of the house

Here is Katey walking her father down the aisle (so to speak)

The bride, Erika, being walked down the aisle by her son, Ian (who is cropped out of the picture so I could show you all of her dress)

The wedding vows

Exchanging wedding rings (showing Ian, who was cropped out of the other picture above)

The families after the ceremony

(Back row, left to right: Logan (Katey's boyfriend), Katey, Will and Rachel (Erika's daughter and her husband), and Ian)

Only one of The Tim's siblings couldn't make it (his oldest sister Sheila. She and her husband Dave live in Indianapolis).  But here's a shot of everyone else:

(Left to right:  Patrick, Kathy, Bob, The Tim)

We also learned that The Tim's oldest brother Bob is engaged too.  Here's The Tim congratulating his next sister-in-law-to-be, Monica

Monica is from Argentina originally, and she is hi-larious!  She recently started doing her own morning talk show on a Spanish cable channel.  (Which she told us she films at night, so she doesn't have to get up early.  So does that mean it's a morning show, or a show that is on in the morning???)

This last picture is one of my very favorites from the day.  The Tim's sister Kathy and her family live in Virginia Beach, and we had the chance to see them a few years back when we visited there, but otherwise, we seldom get to see them.  This is my niece and nephew from Virginia Beach, Erin and her brother Ryan. 

I like the picture, but what I like most of all is that Kathy said, "Wow.  They never stand that close to each other."  But I guess they were feeling generous towards the elderly, 'cause they were willing to do it for me. 

We had hoped to do a little bit of investigating of the area on Sunday, before heading home, but it was extremely foggy, so sightseeing would have been kind of a bust.  Which is too bad, since Poughkeepsie is on my list of towns with amusing names that I would like to see (for instance, I've already visited Ypsilanti and Kalamazoo, both in Michigan).  We had a lovely ride home, though, and even stopped at a yarn store! 

It seems to me that any trip that ends with  a yarn store visit is a good one, right?


Jackie said...

You could also stop at Petosky in Michigan! They have a unique type of stone there.

Carol said...

also -- great photos and looks like it was a bee-yootiful wedding.

Carol said...

did you know I used to live in Ypsilanti??? when I was in law school?


Channon said...

Lovely photos! Everyone looks so happy, and the bride's dress is killer!!

We had a great family reunion today at the farm, but I don't think I have any people photos...

Anonymous said...

The Tim certainly has a marrying clan, doesn't her?

Yarn stores are given on ANY trip. Aren't they?

Marie said...

How about Enigma, GA? On second thought, if you're going to visit Georgia you can't go wrong with either Athens of Savannah. Forget Enigma.

You have nice-looking relatives, and visiting a yarn store on any trip is a wonderful thing.

Lorette said...

Gorgeous bride, and it's certainly OK to crop a guy out of the photo so we can see the dress. We all go to weddings just to see the bride you know, they don't have a song "here comes the groom" for a reason.
And your Tim is a handsome fella, too. I don't think I've seen his photo before!

Carrie #K said...

I thought yarn stores were required during travels.

That's a gorgeous dress! Nice wedding pix, nicer niece & nephew photo!

Quilting Mama said...

What a lovely wedding and location? So great to see The Tim with his siblings. Another wedding in the works - when the family goes for events it goes full force.

Any trip with a yarn shop visit is a good time too.