28 September 2012

Old Photo Friday

I love this picture, though it is also bittersweet.  This is my parents, and my two sisters - Mary Ellen on the left, and Nancy on the right.  I am not certain how old they are here, and the picture isn't marked.  But this is the only family picture that exists, and it was taken years before I was born.  I can remember after my father died, that my mother used to say she wished we'd had a family picture taken of all of us.

But the other thing about this picture is that it is four people who look truly happy, and who have so much to look forward to in their lives.  When the future was still full of hope and good things, and before there were any illnesses or tough times.

So, although it makes me a little bit sad that I'm not in this picture, it is still one of my favorites.  Seeing them all so happy and healthy makes me happy, and reminds me of how lucky it was that of all the families out there, I got this one.

Have a good last weekend of September.  Maybe take a family picture ...


Mereknits said...

It is a beautiful picture, their faces are so full of Joy.
hugs to you,

Pam said...

It is a sweet photo.