16 September 2012

There Has Been Knitting ...

Just not really the kind I could share with you.  A friend recently asked me to do a test knit for her, and I thought I'd give it a try.  The pattern wasn't difficult, but the yarn had "issues," including that I didn't have enough to finish the sample!  But the ending result was pretty, and squooshy, and I'm anxious to see the finished item (and maybe even knit it for myself!).  That's really all I can tell you right now, but here are a couple of pictures of the first panel:

It's hard to see, but the yarn on the left side is a very dark blue, almost navy.  The finished panels are really so nice-looking, even if I do say so myself!

Now that I've finished my part of that, it's beyond time to get back to my own knitting.  I have way to many things underway, so I should really try to finish something.  And now I have another baby gift to knit, which is a good thing, I think.  Remember Doughboy's family, Ben, Halden, and little James?  Well, James became a big brother yesterday, when Paul joined the family!  I so wish I could see them all in person, but from all reports everyone is doing just fine, and at least right now, James thinks the new baby is quite exciting.  At the moment, I'm not sure what I'll make, but probably a hat of some kind, I think.  Maybe a pumpkin?

In other news, this past Friday night was Members' Night at work, which made for a long day.  We all had the option of coming in later, but I wanted to work the longer day so I could have some comp time.  Yesterday I was exhausted, and today I'm still tired and also feel like I'm coming down with something.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel back to normal, and the feeling sick was just a result of being overtired.

And that's the news of the day around here.  The lovely weather we have been having has been so nice, I hope it will stick around and we'll have a good fall season.  Spring and summer were just way too hot for me!

Have a good week.


Mereknits said...

Test knitting is really a neat thing to do, I have never done it but I think it would be really fun to knit and give your assessment of the project. I have a cold, hope you are not getting one, it stinks! Have a great day,

kathy b said...

Your super secret test knitting looks soft and wonderful.....

Paul is a name we dont' see in the nursery very much anymore.. SUch a wonderful name. A pumpkin patch hat for Paul sounds perfect

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Oh yes- a pumpkin hat. Perfect.