18 January 2016

The Good, The Bad, The Stupid

It's been so nice to have a long weekend!  I've gotten some things done around the house, but still had time to just relax - I even took a nap today!  (Which proves I'm exhausted - usually even if I am dead on my feet, as soon as I try to take a nap, I'm wide awake).

But anyway ...

The Good:  It finally feels like winter!
The Bad:  Everyone else is whining about it.
The Stupid:  People who walk around without a hat, scarf, or gloves and seem to be amazed that it's cold outside.

The Good: I had a dr appt today, and didn't have to take time off work, since it was already a day off.
The Bad: The dr thinks I'm having problems with my elbow because the tendon is deteriorating.  I have to get an MRI.
The Stupid: The woman who gave me the number to call to schedule the MRI said, "Whoa, that can't be a good thing."

The Good: Since it's a new year, I can get a new pair of glasses with my new prescription so I'll be able to actually see!
The Bad: The frames I like are at a place that doesn't take my insurance.
The Stupid: I can't find said prescription!  (Fortunately, the office is sending me another copy.)

The Good: We have all of the Christmas decorations put away, and the tree was recycled.
The Bad: The house needs to be cleaned.
The Stupid: I cannot to save my life remember where I put the regular, every day coasters ...

The Good:  I took some pictures of the yarn I have for some new projects I'm ready to start.
The Bad: I can't figure out how to edit photos since I've switched to Windows 10.
The Stupid: I won't see The Tim to be able to get help until Wednesday because of our work schedules.

And that's pretty much how things have been around here.  None of these things are truly tragic or horrible, more frustrating and annoying.  I'll live, you know?

But ... it would be nice if things always went my way ... ;-)

Have a good week!


steph said...

hee hee.....i misplaced Baby Jesus from our nativity set for two season. He surfaced finally....(last July!!!). Hope you locate those missing coasters soon. They WILL turn up. Promise!!!

Araignee said...

That's sure a roller coaster of a day! I seem to ride it quite often myself.

elns said...

Whoa. I like this format, but I'm sorry that things have been frustrating. you know, there is nothing worse than someone with attitude that you need service from except for really crappy bedside manner when it comes to health. I get so anxious around health related issues that it just angers me all the more.

I have similar feelings wanting the errands and work and project and things to align and be done. Sounds like we are both getting there, just perhaps not at our ideal pace.

Sending you best wishes for a fantastic week. I hope it all goes your way, this week and next and new glasses will be FABULOUS!

kathy b said...

The good: your blog
the bad: politics....snore
the ugly: icky dark snow that's old and needs to melt

Mereknits said...

Well at least the stupid wasn't really that bad, and the good far out weighed everything else. Wishing you a wonderful Friday,