13 January 2020

Back to the Plain Life

Hello all!  I hope you had a good weekend, or at a minimum, not a bad one.  I spent the majority of my time during the days putting away our Christmas decorations.  There are still a few odds and ends, and some Christmas linens to be washed and put away, but basically it's taken care of and packed away safely until later this year.

Which means we are back to our plain life - no more festive trim, lights, etc.  Not that we live a minimalist lifestyle, but you know how it is - you take down the Christmas decorations and everything looks bare until you get used to it again.  :-)

I also finished two books that just had a few chapters left to read, and [finally] finished the first sock of my Rudolph and Clarice yarn:

The pattern I'm using is Vintage Fairy Lights, by Helen Stewart.  I love the way it turned out, and I wish I could get a good photo of the detail right below the cuff, but given my lack of real skill in photography I couldn't get a successful shot.  But you can see close-ups of other projects here.

This will be a HO (half-finished object) for a while.  As it turns out, I really didn't knit much at all during the Christmas break, so although this sock had been moving along before, it still took me until now to finish the first one.  So I've decided to go to another project for the time being, and save these to finish either during Christmas in July, or sometime in November or December later this year, when I'll find it more fun to be working on the second sock.  I  know I will definitely finish them, because a) I really love the pattern and yarn and want to wear them during Christmastime 2020, and b) I do not like to leave socks for any long period of time in a state of not being done.  

What will the next project be?  Well, I have a couple of things in mind, but I need to do some clearing out (mentally and in my craft stuff) before making a final decision.  In the meantime, I can add more squares to my Cozy Squares of Memory blanket, which deserves some love.

And that's it from me today.  Here's hoping this week will move itself along during the work day, and give us nice evenings to do whatever we like.  :-)


Araignee said...

Now your thinking like me. I could never knit on a Christmas project in January. I would pack it away too. I always thought it was weird but it makes sense to me. It looks great. They will be like an old friend to pick up again when the holiday spirit reemerges later this year.

KSD said...

I usually have to move my wall clock when decorating, and it takes me forever to get used to looking at it in its new place. And, yes, about the time I'm in that habit, it's time to move it back.

Shirley said...

Such a pretty sock and such pretty colors. I love the way the back of the heel is striped down to the bottom of the sock. When you pull that project back out, you will have it halfway complete. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on for your next project. Hope you week goes very smoothly!

AsKatKnits said...

Perhaps your sock and a few of my solo, solitary, sad, and lonely socks could get together and hang out while they wait for mates!

Here is to a week that smoothly moves rapidly to a slow moving weekend!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That sounds like an excellent plan!

Dee said...

Rudolph and Clarice is such a pretty color and not so Christmas-sy that you couldn't wear them at other times of the year.

Nance said...

It looks really good! Since there really are no Knit Police, you go ahead and do whatever you want.

Kym said...

I can't bear to get rid of Christmas all at once, so I leave some things (not the terribly Christmas things) up usually through Valentine's Day or so. And the lights. I leave a lot of lights up. Otherwise . . . back to plain life again for me, too. XO