01 October 2006

And so we begin ...

The previously mentioned Birthday Marathon begins today. My Nephew C is celebrating his birthday today.
Isn't he cute? He is the oldest of all of my nieces and nephews, and on my side of the family he is the only nephew.

Of course, this picture is from Christmas 1978 ... he is celebrating his 37th birthday today, is married, and has 4 kids! Why, you may ask, do I not have a more recent photo? Well, I do, but this one has always amused me, and it's my blog, so there you have it ...

Happy Birthday, Chad! We love you!

Birthday greetings are also appropriate today for Doughboy.
He may look like a devil dog here, but he is the bestest dog in the universe! Doughboy lives next door, with Ben and Halden, who are both medical residents. They moved in about 2 years ago. Doughboy is part Newfoundland, and part Chow Chow. I absolutely adore him (as a matter of fact, on more than one occasion, my husband has suggested that I just divorce him, and "marry the d*** dog!") When his parents go away, we walk and feed him, and bring him over to hang out with us for part of the day. He loves our cats, they find him appalling. Anyway, Doughboy is turning 9 years old today, so Happy Birthday, Doughboy! We love you too!*

Under the heading of other news, Carol was kind enough to provide the beginning of the quote from the post the other day: "Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana." That's it! Thanks, Carol, you are the lucky winner of a mention on my internationally famous (well, at least in my own mind ...) knitting blog! Ta-da!

On the knitting front, the Birthday Gift That Must Not Be Named is coming along nicely. I even very patiently unknit three rows back last night, because I realized I had messed up a stitch. For those of you who know me, you know that means true dedication on my part, as I'm a true follower of the "no one is perfect but God" faith, and am usually willing to let most mistakes alone, becoming known thereafter as a "design feature." (One of the people who taught me to knit came up with that phrase, and I have always really liked it.)

I have nearly finished the sock I am knitting, and actually would have finished it sooner, but as I was happily knitting along the other night, I realized that I had gotten a *little* carried away decreasing for the toe, and it was starting to look like something that would only fit into a pair of elf shoes! So I also unknit quite a few rows, and plan to finish this evening. Then the last sock for that pair, and they will be ready to give as incredibly-belated-wedding-so-now-they're-slightly-late-anniversary socks. (It is the thought that counts, right??)

*Hey, it's his birthday - if you don't approve of wishing pets happy birthday, read someone else's blog, 'cause it's not like I'm going to stop!

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Carol said...

I missed your post yesterday! Happy Birthday Chad! And a Happy Birthday to Doughboy too! i had to check the answer for what fruit flies liked, I totally forgot. Speaking of time, here's one I do remember: What did one frog say to the other?

Time's fun when you're having flies!