11 July 2019

Christmas in July 2019 - Week 2

Time for another giveaway, because we are in week #2 of 

Christmas in July!!

This week, I have another book, as well as a fairly good-sized mesh bag that could be used for notions, a tiny project, or however you want to use it - packing, cosmetics - you do you!  Like last week's book, this is a good one, and I have used it for reference on occasion, but not enough to justify keeping it.

Are you interested in having a chance to win these two items?  Well then, answer these two questions in the comments to this post only.

1.  What is your favorite Christmas gift you received as a child?
2.  What is your favorite memory from a summer vacation?

You have until Sunday, July 14, 2019 at midnight EDT to comment.  I'll announce the winner on Monday, July 15.

Anne in Virginia - if you are reading this, I still need to hear from you about last week's prize!  Please get in touch when you have the chance.  


Just to amuse you:  this morning, I decided to stop and get an iced tea on my way to work.  When I got to the place, a woman was coming towards the door, with her hands full, and those white earbuds in her ear.  I opened the door, and stepped aside to let her come out.  As she passed me, I said, "You're welcome."  She turned around and looked at me and said in a truly irritated manner, "I didn't say anything to you!"  So I replied, "Well then I guess only one of us has good manners."  

If looks could kill ... 

And yes, I should have just left it all alone, but I couldn't help myself, because you could tell she was just SO important!  ;-)


Araignee said...

My favorite gift was a shortwave radio Daddio gave me when I was 14. It was way before the internet and it opened up the world for me. I still have pen pals from my DXing days.
Summer vacation? It was the year I went tenting through New England and Canada with my parents. My mother suffered from agoraphobia and hadn't been out of the house for at least 20 years. One morning she just woke up and wanted out. She wanted to see light houses. It was a very memorable 10 days watching her see the world like it was the first time.

Bonny said...

My favorite Christmas gift that I received as a child was probably Chatty Cathy. She was a doll that spoke when you pulled a string. My sister was so jealous that she knocked out Chatty Cathy's teeth. She had two life-like cute front teeth and was never the same after the act of random violence.

My favorite memory from a summer vacation was digging for clams in Maine. I found it fascinating that we could dig in the sand and actually eat the creatures we found. You don't need to enter me into the drawing; I'm just enjoying Christmas in July. And thank you for sharing the story from this morning. Your reply was perfect, and I only hope I can remember it in case I have an opportunity to use it!

Vera said...

Oh fun! I'm sure my most favorite gift as a child was a doll - maybe my Shirley Temple doll because she came in a trunk and my Mom had made a bunch of clothes for her. (I still have the doll, trunk and clothes.)

Summer vacations: either random days at the lake in Vermont where we spent about a month each summer...or the year my Mom packed up 3 of us and we traveled all over the States...my Dad flew out to meet us in SD and then flew home from CA. We were on the road for about 2 months.

Please don't include me in the draw either. Your story from this morning is great - love your response.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

OMG! You are my hero! You handled that interaction perfectly! Bravo!

KSD said...

Favorite Christmas gift: a drum set. LOVED IT!

Best Summer vacation memory: Discovering English muffins and orange marmalade in our motel room's kitchenette in Daytona Beach.

Lilly's Mom said...

It's heartwarming to know that there are still people out there like you with proper manners. I also admire ability to respond to this woman! Enjoy your evening. 🌴

Anonymous said...

My favourite gift as a child was a pedal car. In fact at 62 I still have it. One of only a few surviving items.
And as a kid most of our vacations were either camping or every 4 years we would go to Newfoundland to see my grandparents. Those were all memorable times.
I won one of your draws last year. Please offer to someone else first.
Cheryl J (seajaes on Instagram and Ravelry)

Mereknits said...

I wanted a watch that was dark on the outside and when you pressed the button the time lit up in red digital letters. I have no idea where my parents found it but they did. My summers were spent camping and out at my Aunt;s cottage where we had to was our hair int the lake. It was a great way to grow up.