22 December 2011

The Problem with Those At Home

Le sigh.  As you may or may not know, most of our family lives out of town.  This means that we have to mail most of the Christmas gifts every year.  Which means that right after Thanksgiving we are in a frenzy of wrapping, etc., followed by many trips to the post office.  Usually by the second week in December at the latest, we are done with all of that.  Which is a nice feeling, that everyone will receive their gifts on time.

The problem is that I usually then feel like everything is taken care of.  Then one day I come home when The Tim has had a day off, and he informs me that he is finished wrapping gifts.  At which point it occurs to me that a) I haven't wrapped any of his gifts, and b) I often have not started and/or finished whatever I was going to make for him.  Then I need at least a day to feel like an eejit, and berate myself, before I can do anything about it.

I know that by the time Christmas morning rolls around, things will be wrapped and ready to open.  And that even if something I am making is neither started or finished, it will be OK.  But it Makes.Me.Crazy. that I fail to take these things into account every year.  A few years I have been ahead of things, but most years, not so much.


In other news, we have a visitor for Christmas:  Dug the Dog.

He arrived a couple of hours ago, and has made himself happily at home.  Jetsam has not ventured downstairs to investigate yet.  Pip is D-Y-I-N-G to investigate, but is unable to make the leap of faith required to do so.  However, Dug the Dog is crate-trained, and will be sleeping in his crate.  I would not be a bit surprised if at that point, the investigations will begin in earnest!

Stay tuned ...


Jenn said...

He actually LOOKS like the cartoon Dug. Adorable! :)

Lynn said...

Dug???? ROTFL!!! LOVE the name!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Why is the name "Dug" hysterically funny?

I'm the same, I think I have a handle on stuff, and I forget something and promise I won't do it again next year. And I do.

Happy holidays to you and The Tim and the kitties.