16 October 2020

Some Friday Randomnosity*

Today is rainy and chilly here in Philadelphia, and it is a perfect day to have to be at home! Granted, we will need to take Hamlet out a couple of times, but otherwise, it's inside and cozy all day!

I have only one specific thing for this post, and then the rest is just random stuff I've thought or felt or whatever, so if you have come for compelling commentary on a particular topic, you may want to stop reading now. 😼

- First things first: Hamlet, the kitties and I are participating in the 2020 Virtual PAWS Mutt Strut next Saturday, and I'm sharing our fundraising page.  Trust me, I know money is tight, so there is no pressure to contribute, but I thought you might all enjoy the pet profiles, so you should take a look anyway.

- Today when I got dressed, I pulled out a sweatshirt to wear, and I have to say, it made me so happy!  I just love cooler weather and cozy clothes, and clearly I should have been born before climate change was ruining all of that.

- I am knitting another pair of shortie slipper socks for The Tim as a Christmas gift, and after those are finished, all of my gift knitting will be finished!  I'm so glad that I started early, because the current pair should go pretty quickly, and it's already a good feeling to be "done" and only have the wrapping and sending left to do.

- Today is laundry day, and to be honest, there just isn't much to be washed and put in the dryer.  I'm not sure why, but I am pleased to think that I will likely be finished by noon.

- Am I the only person who is surprised when people show up at the grocery store wearing their pajamas?  I'm not saying I get dressed up to go, but it seems they could at least put on a pair of sweats.  This morning, there was a woman heading into the market when Hamlet and I walked by, and she was in her pajamas and her slippers, and grabbed a grocery cart.  To each their own I guess, but it's weird (and a little bit disturbing) to me.

- I saw this article yesterday, and it's one of the times in my life I have actually wished to be ridiculously wealthy.  I just hope whoever ends up with them, they give them a good home.

- When will cropped sweaters be over?  I know they are popular, but I don't like them, and it's fine that others do and look good in them.  But it would be nice if the bulk of new designs had some more length varieties.  And yes, I know you can knit them to be longer, but they don't always end up looking that great.  

- Rhinebeck was supposed to be this weekend (I know it's still happening virtually) and for once I don't feel that everyone I know is there except for me.  I do miss hearing about everyone's adventures and purchases, and seeing the photos, but it will be nice to know that everyone is in the same boat.  I hope the vendors will do well enough virtually to at least make up for some of what they miss.

- Do you ever watch the Knitting by the Sea podcast?  I do occasionally, and in the latest one, she talks about a movie that was made in her town last year that is now out.  The odd coincidence is that The Tim and I had both just seen an ad for it and wondered what it was the day before.  I'm not really planning to watch it, but it seemed like a weird coincidence to me that I chose to watch an episode where she mentioned it and that it was in her area where they filmed it.  

- Karen posted a "happy list" on her blog today, and really enjoyed it.  So here are some things on my happy list for today and the weekend:

cool weather ;  hot apple cider  ;  meeting new puppies in the neighborhood  ;  watching the Notre Dame football game on Saturday, and then watching the Eagles play the Ravens on Sunday (and probably lose ... it can't *all* be happy!)  ; reading a cozy mystery about knitting  ;  doing some baking  ;  getting my hair cut tomorrow morning  ;  talking to my sisters on the phone and catching up ;  participating in the Here: Five Things project  ;  nice long walks along the river trail  ;  knitting

What is on your happy list??

Have a good weekend, and remember to enjoy it however you can.

*Yes, I know it's not really a word.


KSD said...

"Randomnosity"? In the same word class as "strategery," I'm guessing.

Karen in PA said...

People will wear anything (or nearly nothing) to the grocery store. We get customers who are dressed to the nines and those who seem to have just hauled themselves out of the pool, even in Covid times. Just when I think nothing can surprise me I am invariable astonished by something new. Keeps us guessing, and sometimes laughing!

Ellen D. said...

Wait...you are done with your Christmas gifts? Just ready to wrap? I have not given Christmas one thought. DOH! Now you are a bit of a show off I think! :) Just teasing! but now you got me worrying...
Have a nice weekend!

Minerva said...

Just started a sweater, and I agree- finding a pattern for my yarn quantity and weight was hard when they all seem to be cropped these days! I did manage to find one. I went to Rhinebeck once a few years ago. It was glorious. But I live 15 minutes away from where they have Maryland Sheep And Wool Festival, so that is my annual yarn fest. Have a good weekend!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Over the last five years, I've seen a HUGE increase in people wearing pajamas while shopping. It just completely baffles me. I had a long conversation with my nieces on why they should NEVER, NEVER do that! I'm not entirely sure I got through to them, but I live in hope.

Dee said...

Ya know . . . I really don't mind the pajamas, but slippers???? You wear your slippers to the gas station or grocery store and then walk around your house in them??? Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Yes ... we are THOSE kind of people who take off our shoes before coming in the house.

I have seen all kinds of bodies that look really great in a cropped sweater. But, me????????? Ain't no way. NOBODY needs to see that! (And, I'm not ashamed of my body. All in all it's stuck with me through thick and thin, but it has requested NO CROP TOPS.)

Araignee said...

Guilty..I am that person that is showing up all over the place in her pajamas. I'm not going in places but I am walking the dog in town in them. I think it's part rebellion and part depression. The idea of putting on real clothes is just too much for me. A good day is when I remember to brush my teeth and/or hair. I don't even think I can find my bra....lol.
I have watched that Knitting By the Sea podcast. When I was making Soldotna I watched every podcast I could find where someone had made one and I do believe she was one of them. And YES...I HATE cropped sweaters. I just ripped out the one I made two years ago. I was NEVER going to wear it. Soldotna is cropped but I ordered extra yarn and made mine long.
Happy Rhinebeck weekend. I always felt left out when I couldn't go too. I've been there 3 times and was too overwhelmed but it still seems like a place I should be.

Nance said...

I'll never stop being astonished and a little outraged (and saddened) by people in stores wearing their pajamas. It's just ridiculous. I mean, have they just given up so completely that nothing matters at all?

It's a further deterioration of the Boundaries Of Civility. I can't go anywhere without people talking loudly on cellphones, either. The world is not your bedroom or living room.

Happies: leggings and sweatshirts; butternut squash; a new puppy next door; my sweater repair project is finally done; foliage in NEO is peaking.

steph said...

Christmas shopping/knitting done?!? WOW. You are my hero. Haven't started...once again. We've had some rather chilly mornings....and I'm with you. I'm happy dancing. Shira wears her coat and seems to be happy too. Not quite time for the fire in the fireplace....warms up to the 70s most days, but it's coming!!! YAY!!!

Kim in Oregon said...

I live in a college town (sometimes) and pajamas are just a step below formal wear. I have been to weddings in churches with people in sweatpants.

Unknown said...

My happy list:
-Knitting and podcasting
-Hand quilting
-Sketching with friends
-Anything made with Fontina cheese
-Reading a well-written history book
-Seeing my kids
-Biking in glorious weather

Kym said...

I can't quite imagine wandering around in a grocery store in my slippers, but each to his own . . . I guess. It does seem weird to me - and I'm always surprised seeing pajamas out and about. Good thing it doesn't happen very often.

I hear you on the cropped sweaters -- although it's amazing how good they actually do look on pretty much all body types! It all depends on the proportions of what you're wearing them WITH. I am glad to have Not Fitted sweaters so much, as my body isn't a "fitted" kind of body. I prefer the loose-and-flowing. ;-)

karen said...

your happy list is great!! I too get quizzical over pj wearing at the grocery store but now if they have a MASK on the right way I don't care what they are wearing :)