17 September 2019

I Miss Instagram

I know that it's all the rage to rant against Instagram, and the way it makes everyone think they need to be perfect and live a perfect life.  If you are not using filters, or being an influencer, you need to follow those people and make your life as much like theirs as possible.

Which is of course a big load o' crap.  And I have no problem saying that, because to me that's not what Instagram is about.  For me, it's the chance to see what friends are doing in many senses of the word.  It's a chance to meet new people through following hashtags and then looking at the pages of individuals who might appeal.

I have no problem filtering out the rest.  I have no problem doing my own thing, completely unfiltered and with my bad photography.  I really enjoy using it.  I love seeing things that others photograph, and hear what they have to say.  Sometimes it's inspiring, sometimes I'll see something and just scroll on by.

In any event, in the past few weeks, I haven't really been able to enjoy Instagram.  Since I don't have a cell phone, I access it/post there using my tablet.  And it has stopped working on my tablet, in that I cannot even get it to open.  I searched online to see if I was the only one, and apparently I am not.  I tried doing all of the suggested things to get it to work again, without success.  I even contacted Instagram (HA!).  I can access it on my laptop, but cannot comment or even like things.  So it's kind of a "look but don't touch" feeling.  A friend told me that it's really only created for, and updated for, use on a phone.  I know that I am not the only person using it on a tablet, but I guess for those of us who don't use our phones for it, or don't have a phone in the first place, it's just too bad.  :-(

It's really frustrating, and I have no idea if anything will change soon, or at all.  And I miss it.

Fortunately, it's not the center of my existence, but it was a nice, added part to my day.

I think we can all agree that technology is great.  Except when it isn't.


Araignee said...

I hear you. I'm having the same issue with Blogger. Google keeps telling Blogger I don't exist and I can't figure out how to sign back in. One day it's all going to go poof and I won't exist anymore. I wish they would just leave stuff alone.

Kim in Oregon said...

Sorry for your Instaproblems. I came to INsta very, very late and so only follow a few knitters and embroiderers, so it is a lovely happy place for me.

KSD said...

Technology, life, knitting, weather, ice cream --- all fun until they're not.

Shirley said...

I am also an Instagram lover. It is a wonderful way for me to share with friends and family since I do not post of Facebook. My photos are not perfect but they show projects completed, pets, decorating, etc. Just real life. I can always count on the pet accounts to brighten my day. Hope you get your problem resolved.

Kym said...

I'm so sorry you're having troubles with IG, Bridget! I hope this straightens out so you can visit IG on your tablet again soon. (I miss your photos and updates.) XO

Bonny said...

I used to use Instagram on my phone, but since the last update, I have exactly the same problem as you do. I've taken the same steps with the same results, so I can't offer any help. I like Instagram for pretty pictures from friends and I also miss it!

Dee said...

Booooooooooooooo. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

AsKatKnits said...

Oh boy.

Okay, some suggestions - have you updated the app on the tablet? (I am assuming yes, but sometimes if you delete the app and reinstall that fixes whatever issue the app is having)

Next, for the PC.. did you try a different browser? Not all pages play the same in all browsers. I find that Firefox plays nicely with IG and I can like posts and comment there!

Now... if only I could get past the "I have no cell phone" part of your post! What? How? Oh my!

karen said...

that's unfair! I hope you can get it to work eventually. I have it on my phone but I am there a few times a week.