08 November 2019

Time for Some Friday Letters

It's been a while, and I haven't shared any Friday letters, so let's give it a go.

Dear Woman Behind Me in Line At Starbucks,

I was already happy because I was stopping there for a treat in the form of a Cranberry Bliss Bar, but it was even better when you gave me the lovely compliment about my coat.  I especially appreciated it since it's a coat I've had for about 6 years that I hope every year will make it through another season.  And then when I thanked you, and you said, "You are very welcome.  I enjoy giving people compliments - they are free, and I feel just as good as they do."  That was not just a wonderful reminder, but it also reminded me that younger people are not all terrible like the ones that work in my dept.  So thank YOU for brightening my morning!


Dear Elevator Repair Guy at Work,

I think you must be one of the most pleasant workmen who ever comes into our workspace.  You always say hello and have a pleasant thing to say.  Even if others don't appreciate it, I do, and thank you for your good will.


Dear Hamlet,

I know.  Since "Hamilton" is currently playing here, everyone thinks that is your name.  Take it from me, after the first couple of reminders, it's easier to just go with it, and doesn't hurt anyone.  They are still stopping to say hello (which you love) and at least their mistake is somewhat close to your actual name.  (Take it from someone who has spent most of her life having people call her Gretchen.)


Dear November,

Thank you for being actually seasonal!  I have been enjoying the sunny, crisp days.  I'm sure everyone else will complain because it is supposed to be extra cold this weekend, but I will definitely be enjoying it.  If you could be seasonal especially on Thanksgiving, that would be the best.


Dear Yarn I'm Waiting to Arrive,

Could you hustle and get here already?  It's bad enough I had to order more, but I'd like to finish the two projects I need you for, and be able to start something else.  I'm sure one of you will arrive soon, but to the other of you, it's been a while and we're running out of the time frame during which you were supposed to be here.


Dear Neighbor Nobody Likes,

This time around I'm writing because I want you to know that I will sweep the walk in front of our house when I'm good and ready to do it.  It's not currently dangerous in any way, it's none of your beeswax, and if you are so worked up about it, feel free to sweep it yourself.  No one likes a nebshit.


Dear Administration at Work,

Do you really think that no one has found out that you laid off 20 people, decimating two depts?  It's kind of hard for people who had no warning to keep quiet about being laid off by the end of the year.  And good luck with having volunteers and consultants do those jobs moving forward.  Also, good luck getting the rest of us to believe this will be an isolated occurrence.  If you would just announce that it was happening, you'd at least get some credit for being honest with the rest of us.


Dear Weekend,

I have no specific plans for you, and let's hope it stays that way.  I really don't feel like dealing with anyone else's drama on my days off.  :-)


Here's hoping your weekend will be lovely and also drama-free!


Nance said...

Oh, the name thing is terrible. Names are so important and personal! But you're right, of course, especially if it's a One Time Thing. Best to just let it go.

I'm sorry about your work situation. I truly understand. Been there.

And finally, I'm glad someone was kind and gave you that compliment. I do the same thing. If I'm thinking it, I say it. Why just think "Wow, her haircut really flatters her" or "What a great jacket"? If it's possible, I tell the person. What your complimenter says about it is so true--it's a win-win.

Vera said...

Happy Weekend! And happy seasonal weather (which I'm enjoying too). Love that first letter!

Dee said...

Nebshit! I think I love this word and will be working it into every conversation I can.

I'm sure somewhere along the line it will cause me to BE a nebshit. But, so be it.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh Hamlet, I feel your pair. People seem to have a hard time with V names because I've been called every V name but Valerie in my short(ish) lifetime. My other V friend Vera, has had the same problem.

Shirley said...

Your Dear Letters posts are so entertaining! I either agree or can relate to almost each letter. Also, I now have a new word - nebshit. So sorry about the situation you are dealing with at work. It is sad for so many people. Hope your weekend is just what you need.

Araignee said...

I love reading your letters. I had to laugh at your neighbor drama. I can't imagine anyone complaining about a sweeping. It's a good thing they don't live near me. They'd love my unsightly boxes of tile piling up out front not to mention that tree we had taken down last fall that is still waiting for us to cut up and take to the woodpile.

sprite said...

I'm sorry work continues to suck in so many ways. Sending my good thoughts your way.

AsKatKnits said...

I am loving this very seasonally correct November as well! However, layoffs any time suck, but this time of year they are especially horrid.

karen said...

the complimenter sounds so nice and wonderful. the world should be filled with them, right?? I haven't heard the word nebshit since my mother died in 1998, thanks for the throwback memory and the big grin you gave me when you said it :)