08 July 2020

Christmas in July - Week 2

Another Wednesday, another post for this year's

Christmas in July!!

This week is a little bit different, because the giveaway consists of five small needlework kits - mostly cross stitch, with one embroidery kit.  They are from needlework magazines that were being taken off the shelves to be tossed a few years back when The Tim used to work at Barnes & Noble (previous issues would be tossed when new ones arrived; it was the way the arrangement worked with the publishers).  He would bring me the little freebies that were inserted into the magazines.  While I was sorting through my craft things recently, I realized that some of them were duplicates - and though there's a good chance I'll make one, there's a very very small chance I'd make two!  So I thought some of the needleworkers, those who wanted little projects to try and learn needlework, or those who might know someone who would enjoy them. might be interested.  Here they are - I apologize for the really awful photo, believe it or not, this was the best one I got ...

(Descriptions, starting at the top left, going clockwise: A Sunflower Card; 2 Christmas Card Kits; Handbag Mirror Kit [kind of Delft-inspired blue and white] (includes mirror); Beaded Notebook; and, Michaelmas Daisy Gift Sachet (embroidery).  These are all kits including everything you need to make the items)

Here is this week's question:

Do you know anyone personally, or through a friend, whose name is related to a holiday or something related to a holiday?  For instance, I used to work with a woman whose sister was named Ave Maria, because it was her mother's favorite Christmas song.  Now that's one thing, but the family wasn't even Catholic, and so I thought it was just extra weird.  For those wondering, they called her "Ave" for her everyday name (as one would, of course ...).

So time for you to share some of the names you may have come across.

Be sure to leave your answer in the comments for this post only, no later than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 12, 2020.  I'll fire up the random number generator again and announce the winner on Monday, July 13, and let them know once their package is on the way.

I don't know about you, but I am endlessly fascinated with names and how people ended up with the ones they have.  Then there are those that you'll never know that story of - like Pinkie Eldorado Parrot, listed in an 1858 directory as the wife of a Presbyterian minister.  What I wouldn't give to know how her name came to be!

Your turn next.  😁


Anonymous said...

I have a friend Christine who was born Christmas Eve. She was named for Christmas. Otherwise I have nothing so beautiful for me. I was suppose to be named Heidi after the character from the book. My father read the book so often to my sister (who was 10) when I was born. She said no and decided I was going to be Cheryl because her best friend was Cheryl....
Take care Cheryl Faye

Dee said...

Okay .... this one is a major stretch.

I worked with a woman who's name was Cookie Krumb. Cookies = Christmas???? Her real name was Karen, but I seriously doubt if anyone ever called her Karen. She was ALWAYS Cookie.

As cute as the kits are ... I'm going to pass on being entered. I have way too much stash as it is.

Karen said...

My grandmother had a friend whose two grandchildren (twins) were Holly and Noel. I thought them wonderful names! Still think they’re pretty good. My husband’s family has a tradition of virtue names; his mother, God bless her, was named Prudence.

Anonymous said...

My Catholic family was very religious but by the time I came along, number 3 in 3 years, my parents were well into the many aspects of child rearing. But naming - they told me they were not quite ready for me, and had just started at the beginning of the alphabet Bible names. My name is Annette, for some reason my parents didn’t pick Ann, perhaps since they had 15 siblings between them, the possibility of an Ann already was taken.
anonymously, and happily named Annette

Araignee said...

My oldest is named Nicholas because he was born right before Christmas. If he had been a girl he was going to be called Holly. My grandmother came to visit us in the hospital and she brought a gift with a card made out to Chris. Chris? Who's Chris I wondered. When I asked about it she said she thought I had named the baby after Kris Kringle and not jolly old St Nick. We had a big laugh.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

No holiday names... but when I was in my late teens, I worked at the food court in the mall (at New York Fries), there was a young man around the same age as me who worked at the A&W. We used to chat on breaks - mostly about crappy customers that day. But one day, I asked him something different.... his name was Harold (unusual name for our generation), and he never let anyone call him Harry. I don't like to be called Val, much preferring Valerie, so I asked him why he insisted on being called Harold? His reason... he didn't really like Harold much, BUT... his last name was Balls. I kid you not. I made him take out his drivers license and prove it... his last name was Balls, and his parents gave him the first name of Harold!!! We're they the MOST naive people on the planet? Did they really hate their child? To this day I cannot fathom why they would do that.

kathy b said...

Oh dear, you opened a wide door here. Nursery intensive care nurse saw many cool names. Melody was a baby named because daddy was a conductor of an orchestra.
During the Micheal Jordan days there were many boys and girls being named Jordon.
I wish I had a cooler name history: I don't . My mom liked the name Kathleen.

Fireman's name is Troy. We don't know how his mom decided on that.. IT was odd for his day. He was the ONLY Troy is school. Troy Donahue? we just don't know. Now I call him Tee Roy .

Vera said...

Fun question. I once hired an assistant named Noel (but that doesn't come close to the guy I knew years ago whose name was Dusty and his last name was Rhodes - lol).

Please don't include me in the give-away, like Dee I have way too much stash.

Michelle B. said...

When my son was born, he spent a lot time in the NICU. During our time there, twins with the names Cupid (boy) and Cupae (girl) were also patients. I assume there's something with Valentines Day to it but they were born in September. It's been almost 23 years and I've thought of them often and wondered how they survived the tumultuous middle school years with those names. I hope they are hardy souls!
Maybe I'm just as bad because if my son had been born on his due date of December 7 and had been a girl (we didn't learn his sex until he was born), we were going to name the baby Pearl. Maybe he wasn't taking any chances and that's why he decided to be born four and a half months early!