19 February 2020

Holding Pattern

Hello on a Wednesday - Unraveled Wednesday, to be exact!  In what seems like an amazing development, the sun is actually out today in Philadelphia - no rain in sight, which is just so nice for a change.  It's windy and cool, but it's all good when you have had days and days and days of rain.

I have no actual knitting to show to you today for two reasons - 1) I showed my finished socks in yesterday's post, and 2) I knit a swatch for a sweater, but I failed to take a photo of it.  I realize that knitting a swatch leads to a better result in a sweater, but I'm currently dismayed because I have to knit another swatch on smaller needles to see if I can get gauge.  The already-knit swatch is 1.5 stitches more per inch than it should be, and I am tempted to just go with that, but I want to see if another one on smaller needles works better.  I just hope that regardless what I decide to do, that I'll have enough yarn.  Not that I think having the yarn from the swatches will be absolutely necessary, but I like to feel like I have plenty of yarn as opposed to just enough or worse yet - not enough!  We'll see what happens, I guess.  :-)

I can show you a photo of the yarn I am using from the Quince & Co. website:

This is their Finch (fingering weight) yarn in the colorway Smoke - a dark gray/green that looks different according to the lighting, and most likely what you are wearing with it.  I have had this in my stash for a little more than a year, and am glad to be using it now.

I just started reading this book yesterday at lunchtime:

I'm only about 10 pages in (someone kept interrupting me), but so far it seems like it will be really interesting.  I hadn't really heard of the book, but someone I follow on Instagram posted that they were reading it, and I was intrigued (sorry I don't remember who it was!).

Don't forget to stop by (link at the beginning of the post) to see what others are reading and knitting, and feel free to share either there or in the comments here.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

That looks like a lovely yarn!

Patty said...

Love the yarn choice! And good luck with the swatching...tedious but necessary. And your socks are great...such a boost to finish something fast. And the interrupter didn't get the message? :-)

Araignee said...

I can't swatch worth beans. What I do is knit with the needles I like to get the fabric I want and then pick the size that works best with my math. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I'm ashamed to say that I hardly ever wear the sweaters I knit anyway (hot flashes) so it doesn't really matter.

AsKatKnits said...

I love your yarn choice! And that book looks very interesting! (good luck with swatch two!)

Kym said...

I heard about that book recently (can't remember where, but it wasn't IG . . . ), and I think it looks interesting, too. I'll look forward to seeing what you think of it. And I love Quince & Co. yarn -- it's just lovely, andit always knits up so well. XO

karen said...

I love quince yarn it holds up specularly and doesn't pill much. I use sport and fingering mostly. Nice yarn!!