29 May 2020

End of May Friday Funnies

The last Friday in May is upon us - I remember as a kid, this was the final full month of school, since we were usually out for the summer vacation by mid-June.  The end of May meant Memorial Day on actual Memorial Day, talk of final exams, and also the promise of the school picnic, which was always a highlight since it meant we got into the pool at the local park not just for free (as always), but we had tickets for 3 free snacks once there - now THAT was living!  I remember spending way too much time trying to figure out what my free snacks would be, since when we went to the pool otherwise, we never had money to get snacks, so other than the water fountains, that was it.  One given was that I would get a Lance Cake (chocolate covered of course), which at least to me, was a rare treat. 

I have a feeling that today it would make me gag, but then it was perfection!  😋

Anyway, I wanted to end the month with some things to make us laugh, since the world is a sad place right now.  I always think that even something just makes you smile for a minute, that is a gift in times like these.  So I hope you will find something to do that for you below.

First up, I'll bet you haven't given this a thought during quarantine:

I just think this one is hilarious - I think because I can almost hear the person at the podium saying this ...

This just plain amuses me:

And this last one is so ridiculous, I laughed until I cried.  

Have the best weekend that you can.  See you in June!


Araignee said...

I always get the feels this time of year because when I was teaching these were the best weeks of the year. We were out of curriculum so you could go where the kids wanted to go and the difference it made was incredible. Those little guys lit up when you taught things they were actually interested in.

Kym said...

Oh! The "free snacks" thing! I LIVED for "free snacks" when I was a child. I remember going into a grocery store once when I was a kid . . . and they were (surprise!) giving away free pop and mini hot-dogs. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! :-)
(And that last "funny!" I'll be chuckling all day.)

Nance said...

Oh heavens! I laughed out loud, literally, at the first and last funny. Both cats were seriously put out about it, too. Still chuckling as I type this.

Thanks for that. It feels so good to laugh (Whether Piper and Marlowe approve or not)!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Ok - that first cartoon made me laugh far too hard!

I remember loving Twinkies as a kid... and then having one as an adult, it just wasn't the same.

Minerva said...

I feel the same way about Twinkies- I love them as a treat when I was a kid, but I'm sure that they wouldn't taste the same now. Thank you for the laughs today!

KSD said...

We had Field Days when I was in elementary school, and I thought the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the brown bags were delightful. I clearly remember what they looked like and, most importantly, how they tasted.

Dee said...


The first on is the best one!!! AHHHHWWWWONNNNNNNN BURRRRRRR won that one.

Mereknits said...

We seriously all need a big laugh right now, thank you.