21 May 2020

The Holiday Weekend Beckons

It surprised me the other day when I realized that the Memorial Day weekend was upon us (at least for those of us in the U.S.)!  Usually today would be a busy day for me, finishing up at work since I would be taking Friday off, and then making sure that the pet sitter was lined up, packing was done, etc.  The flurry and sometimes panic of an upcoming weekend away, you know? 

But here we are anyway, with a big holiday weekend and no where to go.  Since today is Three on Thursday, I thought I'd share three things we usually do and three things we'll be doing instead this year.

For those who don't really know what I'm talking about, usually every Memorial Day weekend, we go to my sister's house in WV, where most of the family and tons of friends gather on one of the days for a big picnic.  It's one of the highlights of the year for everyone, and kicks off summer in a great way (even to me, not a summer fan).

1.  Usually - we spend the couple of weeks prior to our weekend away collecting things we want to take with us (games, gifts, etc.) or, in the day or so before we would leave, baking cookies or some other treat to take along.

Instead - we have been deciding what we want to fix for ourselves, and if we want our "holiday" meal to be on the holiday itself (Monday) or one of the other weekend days.  Not nearly as much fun, or quite as anticipatory.

2.  Usually - we decide ahead of time which friends we would like to be sure to see while we're home and see if they will be at the picnic or if we'll get together separately, or both.  A lot of people are only around one of the days of the weekend since they have other plans, so we have to try and get a chance to see them when it works for their schedule.  We also decide what games we want to play at the picnic, and choose teams if appropriate (I still get chosen last.  Some things never change!).

Instead - we have planned a "party" Zoom meeting on Sunday afternoon with most of the family.  This way, at least we'll get to see the ones we most want to see and catch up a bit.

3.  Usually - the menu includes so much variety, that you can easily spend the day trying everything there and not try it all.  Everyone brings something, and all the family provides the basics.  Even if you are a vegetarian as we are, there is an enormous choice of goodies.  Hamlet, and Dug before him, think it's the best day of their lives because everyone is giving them food!  Both of them have been known to park themselves in one place for most of the day - next to the grill!  We also spend a large portion on the morning of the picnic decorating the yard and setting things up.

Instead - the choices will be much more limited, Hamlet will get a *doggie* treat, and we'll just eat in our own garden, ourselves.  That's already set up.

So, it will be a nice weekend anyway.  But a whole lot quieter, a whole lot calmer, and not quite as funny or noisy or silly. 

On the plus side - DEFINITELY not as much clean-up. 

Though I'd trade for that happily at this point.  😊

My niece Amanda sent me this photo yesterday, which is appropriate for today's post.  Here is our sweet Dug the Doodle Dog, taking a break after "helping" us get my sister's yard ready and decorated the day of the big picnic.  I love this photo so much, I decided to share.

Whatever you do, have a good holiday weekend - or regular weekend, for those of you elsewhere - and stay safe!


KSD said...

I hadn't realized it was Memorial Day either. Maybe I AM losing track of time in quarantine.

Minerva said...

The new normal is not so normal for me. I would like to go back to the old Memorial Day. Qh well. There's always next year. Love the picture of your dog! Suitable for framing!

Araignee said...

I love that photo of Dug. How sweet to have those reminders of your good boy. I sure miss Son's golden. I am not sure how to break the news to Pup he's no longer with us. He was the love of her life.

It is usually crab season here for the holiday but we've got no plans for a family get together even with social distancing I'm not going anywhere. The Mister has been itching to get out the boat to do some crabbing with his brother but since he's been gallivanting all over creation in spite of the lockdown he's off limits for now. The Mister will just have to dream of that first bushel. It's a ways off.

WendyKnits said...

I thought about taking today off from work for the long weekend like I usually do, but then thought -- what's the point? Hopefully by Labor Day things will be quite different!

Nance said...

Ah, things are so different. I'm tired of feeling Wistful.

What a sweet Memorial photo of Dug. I know it's a treasure for you.

karen said...

like you we are not traveling or seeing anyone this weekend. many of the Memorial days have been traveling to see my MIL in Canada. We are going to try to make it feel like a picnic with picnic food!

Kym said...

It is an early Memorial Day this year, so let's blame our not-realizing-it's-Memorial-Day on that. ;-)
I'm so sorry you won't be able to see your family and friends this weekend. I know what a special time that is for all of you. We will be on our own as well. Probably just treating the weekend like all the other weekends these days -- but maybe with some extra grilling action! Enjoy the weekend, Bridget -- and maybe let Hamlet have a few EXTRA treats this year since his "grill patrol" duties will be curtailed. XOXO

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It's too bad you can't get together, but I hope you have a good weekend none-the-less!

kathy b said...

Nothing like a puppy in the flags on the walkway!

AsKatKnits said...

I love how festive your niece's house is! I hope your "instead" weekend is fun (although not as fun as an in-person weekend would be!)

Mereknits said...

We are usually quiet on Memorial Day, maybe making turkey burgers and fruit salad. We go in the pool with Little Buddy and just hang out. This year is no different although I have a re-evaluation to write up tomorrow and an antique rocker I am trying to redo. Hope you have a nice weekend Bridget, stay safe.