26 November 2010

And Then There Were Two ...

... Seafarer's Scarves, that is!  I actually finished knitting this a couple of weeks ago, but due to camera/computer difficulties, didn't manage to upload the picture until the last couple of days.  I'm already well into the third one, so I feel like I'm playing catch-up with this post.  In any event, the FO itself:

PatternSeafarer's Scarf
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Handpaint Suri & Silk. (Again, I don't know the specific colorway, because the ball band was missing ...)
Needles: US 5
Comments: This pattern is great for knitting in front of the TV, or when you feel like your mind is fried otherwise.  It's also a good project if you have interruptions from time to time, 'cause you can always figure out where you left off!  I'm really pleased with how this one turned out, and how the lighter colorway looks different from the previous one I made in a charcoal-gray-ish colorway.


In other news, we had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving.  There was even some snow (for about 5 minutes, but it still counts as far as we are concerned)!  This morning I also created a new (to me) breakfast taste sensation when I took some leftover cranberry sauce and put it into some plain homemade yogurt - YUM! 

The Tim is at work today, and Jetsam and I are doing some laundry, and as soon as I sign off here, will attempt to clean up the computer/craft/stuff room while watching and listening to the second half of the WVU/Pitt football game.  Then tonight, leftovers for dinner, and a cozy evening.

Holidays rock.

25 November 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

23 November 2010

Gobble Gobble!

Well, it's been a while since I participated, but this week, the topic was one I just could not pass up ...

10 Things You Love About Thanksgiving
1.  It's THANKSGIVING!!!!!
2.  Stuffing!
3.  A day off from work.
4.  It's a cozy day when no one thinks you are weird if you just stay home and enjoy yourself.
5.  The house smells wonderful from all the cooking.
6.  The parade on TV.
7.  The dog show on TV.
8.   Laziness is totally acceptable.
9.  A day with The Tim and Jetsam and no interruptions.
10.  The holiday season starts in earnest at our house!

18 November 2010

It's a Birthday!!!!

Yep, today is The Tim's birthday!  Since we were away and took time off work for that, we are not taking the day off as usual.  But we shall celebrate nonetheless.

Birthday cake? Yep, though he requested a bundt cake with no frosting*, and a little bit of the cake top stuck to the pan.  However, chocolate cake with chocolate chips in is still festive and yummy.

Birthday presents? Also a yes, and hopefully a certain member of the family whose initials are ... Jetsam! will not be able to get to them, thereby chewing any bows, and tearing through the paper.

Birthday dinner? This will happen one way or the other, but it is up to the Birthday Boy to decide if he wants to go out this evening, or have something at home.

It's been busy around here, with our trip, the birthday, and then Thanksgiving next week.  But it's all fun stuff, which means it's a good kind of busy.

So Happy Birthday to my sweetie!

*Ahem.  Birthday cake is *supposed* to be a layer cake with frosting, as far as I"m concerned.  But the rule is that the person who is having the birthday gets to decide what kind of cake/dessert they would like to have ...

08 November 2010

Adios Amigos!

Well, The Tim and I - jet-setters that we are - are on our way this coming Wednesday to our latest adventure!  This coming Saturday, my niece Lauren will be getting married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and we'll be there for the big day!

However, even before the big day arrives, there will be festivities and hi-larity as only my family can do it.  The Tim and I are both working half a day on Wednesday, and then we will head to Baltimore to my niece Amanda's and her husband Pat's house.  At the same time, in another area of Baltimore, my sister and brother-in-law, and my niece Annie will be descending on another niece's house.  Then, at 2:30 AM on Thursday morning, a bus will be picking us all up for the trip to Dulles Airport to begin our trek South of the Border. 

So there will be 10 of us altogether - 9 adults, and my great-nephew Zach who is 4 years old.  God help other people who are unfortunate enough to be on the same plane as all of us ... There have already been approximately 1,000 e-mails back and forth regarding wardrobe, food, timing, etc., and that's even before we get there and meet up with my other sister (mother of the bride) and the rest of the family on the West Coast.  Yes, it will be crazy, fun, LOUD, and the first time in years that every single member of the family has been in one place at one time.  Kinda makes me feel sorry for the groom's family ...

The Tim bought me a laptop as an anniversary/Christmas/birthday gift, and it will be making the trip with us, so hopefully I can provide some updates on the craziness ...

I am doing my best to get things organized ahead of time.  But it's really hard to not just pack the stuff you'll need clothing-wise, but the books and knitting that will need to come along.  How does one decide?  Over the past weekend, I changed my mind at least 5 times regarding knitting and reading materials.  But if nothing else, I'm putting a deadline on myself of 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night.  Whatever is put aside then, is what is going ...

Oh - and if you are thinking you will break into all of our houses and steal our valuables while we are gone, well, HA! you're gonna be sadly disappointed.  We are taking any "valuables" with us, and everyone has a cat and/or house sitter lined up.  Therefore, if you have a propensity towards crime, I would strongly suggest that you look elsewhere for satisfaction!

So, adios for now, and hopefully I'll be posting from sunny Mexico the next time you hear from me.