27 August 2021

Friday Funny for the Last Friday in August 2021

Yesterday was International/National Dog Day, and even though I'm a day late, I thought this was appropriate. 😀

Have a good weekend, and if you are near extreme weather of any kind, I hope you can stay safe!  See you next week.

25 August 2021

Reading, Knitting, and Naming a New Winner

Thank you for all of the nice comments about my finished shortie socks.  I'm still working on deciding what socks are next, but I'll keep you posted.  

Today I've decided to join Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.  Lately I've been doing a lot of reading - more than I've been knitting, actually.  But at this moment, I'm about 3/4 of the way through this book:

I forget when or how I heard of this, but I'm enjoying it.  I can't say it's going to be my favorite book ever, but most of the characters are interesting, and there's a lot to think about while reading it.

This past Sunday, I finished the body of my summer tee.  I had tried it on before getting to the bottom ribbing, to make sure it was still going OK, and I am really pleased with how it looks:

After this photo, I did in fact finish the ribbing, and now all I have to do is the sleeves.  I know they won't take long, because they are short sleeves, so I'm hoping to get started on them today.  It would be nice to have this finished, and actually wear it before summer ends!

Now for the last part of what the post title says.  I have waited a couple of weeks, and have not heard at all from the previously named winner of the Grand Finale prize for Christmas in July.  So this morning I returned to the random number generator to choose a new winner, and that person is:


I actually received a note from her earlier this summer, so I have her address handy.  Kim, I'll let you know when the package goes out so you can be watching for it.  I feel bad having to pick a second person, but as I said, the first named winner has had two weeks to respond, so it was time to move along.  😊

And that's it for today.  Have a good one!

23 August 2021

I'm Back With an FO!

Hello all!  I'm back after taking a week to just be, and I appreciate all of the support and understanding from all of you.  The universe and my personal issues just all piled on, and I needed some time to do as little as possible that wasn't absolutely required.  So I'm feeling better enough to function better, which is good because it's not like I have a choice to just stop everything all together, you know?

Anyway, I do have an FO to show you, so that's re-starting on a positive note!  You probably remember that I showed you this sock-in-progress a while ago:

And then shared when one was completed:

Well, here's the whole shootin' match, to use an expression of my mother's:

Project:  Summer Shortie Socks
Pattern:  My own vanilla sock pattern, adjusted to be shortie socks
Yarn:  Mandi's Makings Sock, in the colorway 2021 Summer Sock Camp
Needles: US size 0 and size 1
Notes:  When I saw these sock sets on the Crazy Sock Lady's podcast, I really really liked them, and decided if I could get a set in one of the updates, it was OK to treat myself.  So I was truly thrilled when it worked out!  I had already decided to make shortie socks, because that seemed more summery to me.  I used US size 0 needles (9 inch circs) for the cuff, legs, and foot, and then reverted to my usual US size 1 dpns for the heel and toe.  

I'm really happy with the way they turned out.  This is a really pretty color of yellow, and I like the accent it adds to the pair.  Even better, I have enough yarn left to make a regular pair, so you will likely see this combination again sometime in the future.

Of course, once I finished them, I had only one of my started-earlier-in-the-summer projects left - my summer tee.  So I have been working on that because I get into these mindsets that I like to finish all of the projects in a group before I cast on new things, or at least before I spend a lot of time on them.  And my poor summer tee had been neglected for a while, through no fault of its own.  But yesterday I did the bind off for the body, so now it just needs sleeves and not only will it be finished, but I might be able to wear it before the weather cools down.  (Frankly at this point I'm wondering if the weather will ever cool down again, but that's just me.)  So I'm going to try and finish that while deciding what pair of socks and what other projects will be next.

Also, for any Christmas in July prize winners, I mailed your packages this past Saturday, so they are on their way to you.  The post office within walking distance of our house got flooded in one of the rainstorms we had recently, so I had to wait until The Tim was home and the car was available to take the packages to another post office nearby.  So I know it's been a wait, but hopefully they will arrive safe and sound and SOON!

Here's hoping the week will be OK for all of us.  As of right now, I don't have anything specific coming up, so maybe it will just be one of those routine weeks, where being boring is a good thing.  😀

16 August 2021

Taking a Break

Pandemic.  Taliban.  Earthquakes.  Guns.  Global Warming.

The world is too much with me right now, I'm afraid.  So I need to take a break for this week and will see you again soon.

Take care of yourselves.

12 August 2021

Grande Finale Prize Winner!

I know that we are moving into two weeks past the end of Christmas in July, but as promised, I did choose a winner for the Grande Finale Prize earlier today.  I'm not going to post a photo of it here - I decided to wait until she has received it, and then I can show photos and tell you about it.

You may or may not recall that to be eligible for said prize, the only thing you needed to do was to comment on any of the Christmas in July posts - so if you commented once, you had once chance; if you commented 4 times, you had four times the chance to win.  I took all of the names each time, wrote then on a piece of paper, and put them in a bowl.  I mixed them around, and put them on the floor, where Pip happened to be the one around, so he chose the winner. And so, the person whose name was on the piece of paper that Pip first started to chew is:


Congratulations!!  Please send your name and mailing address to me at thekittyknitterATverizonDOTnet.  I'll get the package ready, and let you know when it's on the way.

Again, thanks to everyone who commented and participated.  This morning I was thinking it was so long ago, but then realized that we are only talking a little bit of time since the end of July - time does indeed not wait for us.  😊


I did in fact survive my walk back and forth to the SEPTA headquarters yesterday to get my Senior Pass so I can ride for free on public transportation going forward.  But it did knock me out for the rest of the day, and when I got home, I was drenched with sweat.  

(not actually me)

Fortunately, I had a little wait once I got there which allowed me to both cool down and dry off a bit.  In the end, even though I had made an effort to pull myself together so the photo had a better chance to get a decent photo, it didn't matter.  The woman who took the photo didn't tell me where to sit ("I thought you'd know") and also took the photo off-center.  So the photo looks like it was taken from about 5 miles away.  Oh well, I have the card now that's what matters.

Not much else to report.  Today is even hotter than yesterday (how that is possible, I don't know, but there you go), and so inside is the place to be.  

Tomorrow I will be at work all day because it is the first day of BugFest, and this year the Library and Archives will be doing tours for those in attendance who are interested.  Hopefully we'll get some takers, but in any case, it will be an extra reason to be happy that it's Friday!  

So now you're all caught up.  If you are also baking somewhere in the heat, I hope you can manage to keep cool.  Take care.

11 August 2021

Reading and Making and Sweating

Hello on a heat warning Wednesday here in Philadelphia.  Today the temperature is supposed to be 95 degrees (F), with a "feels like" temperature of 103 degrees.  And guess what?  I have to walk across town to get my picture taken - YAY!  Not.  I have an appointment at SEPTA headquarters to get my SEPTA Senior Pass.  Because of Covid, you have to have an appointment instead of non-Covid times when could just show up during their open hours.  Anyway, it's worth it because having that pass will mean I will not have to pay to take public transportation, which is a benefit to being a senior citizen.  I just hope that my photo for my pass doesn't make me look like a person who was doused in a shower before it was taken.  Because I'm sure I'll be soaked with sweat by the time I arrive.  I do have enough vanity to wish that would not be the case.  But not enough vanity to reschedule, since I made this appointment two months ago and today was the first availability.  

Life contains such tragedy, no?  😉

ANYWAY - today I'm joining Kat and others for Unraveled Wednesday, and I'm excited because it's been a while for me.  So let's just do it, shall we?

First up, what have I been knitting?  Well, I continue to work on my summer top, and I am "practicing" (poorly, so far) the crossed stitches for the Hipster Shawl.  But I do have a HO (half-finished object):

One shortie sock off the needles!  And the best thing is, the second sock is very close to having the foot complete, so I can move on to the toe and have an FO!  This is exciting for me, since a lot of my knitting has languished lately.  It's not that I don't enjoy the projects, I just haven't been that inspired to knit.  But this one should be finished in the next couple of days.

Reading-wise, I just finished this book last night:

It was an enjoyable cozy mystery, with some different types of things from the usual cozy.  

Finishing it is good timing, since I picked up this hold from the library yesterday:

This will be the first book of this author's for me, and I'm looking forward to it.  I always enjoy mysteries, but I've been particularly in the mood for them lately.  It was weird to pick up an actual book from the library, since I've been mostly reading library books through Overdrive during the pandemic.  When I got the notice to make an appointment to pick it up, I thought "You mean I actually have to *go* there??"  (Our public libraries are still not open for browsing, etc.  And now, thanks to the delta variant, it will still be a while. Thanks, non-vaxxers.)

Follow the link above  - it's always fun to see what others are reading and making!

06 August 2021

In Which I Am Annoyed

I'm sure you saw that title and thought, "And so why is that different than any other time?" and you would be correct.  But if you are still reading, that's on you.

Here is the specific thing I am annoyed about today.  Patreon.  

Let me say from the get-go that I have no opposition to creative people making money and being paid for their work, and I also know that only a very few, elite types can make a living through the things they design, sell, license, etc.  For example, the knitwear designers and/or yarn dyers that I know who are even doing well at all are fortunate to have either another full-time job to keep them going, or a partner who earns enough to allow them to pursue their work full-time.  I get it.

Do I appreciate free knitting patterns?  You bet I do, and I make A LOT of things from free patterns.  But I also purchase a lot of patterns, as well as buy books of patterns from time to time.  Because I know that everything isn't free, nor should it be.  Yes, sometimes I use a coupon code or a discount, but I completely understand the idea of monetary compensation for work.  

But frankly, I'm getting annoyed by people starting Patreon accounts for access to "special" patterns, "additional" content, etc.  

For example, there is a knitting designer whose designs I usually really like, and I have purchased as well as made a few of their patterns.  But they have decided to offer Patreon as an option for people.  You pay a monthly subscription fee (there are different levels of membership) and you receive a "special" pattern monthly not available to others, as well as a look into their design processes, their personal lives, etc.  

There are also a lot of knitting podcasters who have also set up Patreon programs, providing more access to them, their patterns/yarns/dogs/whatever.  

I'm not saying they have no right to do so.  I'm just saying it annoys the spit out of me.  First of all, if you want to "monetize" your work, then just do so outright.  If you feel that you put all kinds of effort and work into what you do, and that you are not getting the rewards from it you would like, then yeah, change it somehow.  But for myself, I don't like the feeling that I am paying a monthly subscription for something that is basically what you were doing anyway, but now costs something.  

From what I can tell, the monthly subscription costs can be as low as $3.00, all the way up to $10.00 per month.  OK sure, but unless there is only a single person that you love so much that you decide to support them this way, I don't have even $3.00 a month for ten different people.  Obviously plenty of people do/can provide support this way, but I'm betting most of us don't have unlimited discretional funds.  And frankly, I'm not sure that even if I did, I would want to support anyone this way.

The world is already too divided among the haves and have nots to drill down even more into those who can pay $3.00 a month and those who cannot.  

And if you are a podcaster, and still providing something online for free, I also don't want to always hear about what you offered to "my Patreon supporters" and not the the rest of us.  In this case, as far as I'm concerned, ignorance *is* bliss.  And personally I just think it's rude to keep mentioning all of the amazing things that they receive that the rest of us mere mortals do not.

Does this greatly change my life or my daily functioning?  No.  Does it have an effect on my crafting or the things I make.  No.  It's just to me more about the principle of the thing.  It completely turns me off when I hear about yet another person deciding to start a Patreon group and how wonderful it will be for those who support them.

It's a free country.  Spend your money the way you like, do things in a way that makes you happy and helps you to feel you are valued.  I get it.  It doesn't mean I have to like it, or even give it my own personal approval.

Now.  Aren't you glad you kept reading?  Feel free to write your own blog post about how it annoys you when bloggers complain about things they don't need to buy/participate in/do.  I'll get that too.  😏

Anyway, regardless of how you feel about any of this - or about anything at all, for that matter - I hope you have a good weekend.  I am getting my hair cut tomorrow afternoon, which I'm excited about.  Awful summer weather is due to return and continue though, and I'm less excited about that.  

But on the plus side, I figure that's why iced tea was invented, right?

02 August 2021

Wrapping Up With the Week 4 Winner

Happy August!  Seems weird to say "August" but time marches on, even if I am confused about it.  

There were so many good answers to my question for Week 4 of Christmas in July - I loved reading them, and they also made me very hungry!  There were a few things that were completely new to me, and others that I've never tried, even though I know people who enjoy them, and then of course the tried and true favorites.  I also found a few things that I completely forgot could be special holiday goodies, so thanks for the reminders!

When I asked the random number generator to choose a winner, it rolled around for a bit (OK, maybe the Internet connection lapsed briefly) but finally landed on:


Here is what she said in response to the question of about a favorite food that you make for a holiday and *could* make other times of year, but just do not:

"I'll be right behind you scooping up the dressing/stuffing/filling ... only made at Thanksgiving.  I think that way it tastes extra good because it is rare.

I make it just the way my mom did. Nothing else would do. Funny thing is, it is the exact way Steve's mom made it too. So no huffin' and fussin' at Thanksgiving over whos dressing to make."

This made me laugh, because the first time we made stuffing for Thanksgiving after we were married, The Tim and I also realized that our moms made stuffing 99% the same too!  My mother-in-law added one different ingredient, and it is not something that makes the overall recipe vastly different.  If nothing else, it adds a bit of extra, complementary flavor, so it's all good.

Dee, I know I have your address with my Christmas card stuff, but just so that I don't have to dig it out, please send me your mailing address when you have the chance, so I can get things going.  I'm hoping to send all of the packages out by the end of this week.  I'll let everyone know when they are on their way.

And remember, there is still one prize available, so if you have added a comment on ANY of the posts for the giveaways, you are eligible - no further action is necessary!  I'll announce that winner in the next couple of days.

I really want to say another huge thank you to everyone who has participated this year!  I can say that I really and truly enjoy doing this, and I have made some new blog friends and acquaintances every year, which makes me very happy.  I do wish I had enough prizes for everyone, but I hope you know that the drawings really are random, and I am never involved directly other than telling the random number generator the number ranges to use.


The weekend was freakin' lovely here!  I mean pretty, comfortable days and nights with the windows open, and a sheet pulled over you by morning.  Just the best.  We did nothing special, but enjoyed some nice walks, and cleaning up a bit outside since we could do that without being ready to pass out from the heat and humidity.  It was a nice, calm, enjoyable two days, and for once the weekend felt longer than just those days, which at least for me, I can't say happens that often.

I got some knitting done, some reading done, and organized some other things to plan ahead.  I also actuallly cleaned the house, which wasn't too bad - because since I've kept up with it more than usual, there wasn't a whole lot to do.  I wish I could keep that up, but like most other things, it goes in spurts.  So I'll enjoy it while I can.  

I hope this week will be kind to all of us.  Take care.