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153 items!  

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Below is the basic information about what the project is about.  I'll be updating this page when I have any changed information, and will be sure to note that on my main blog so you can check for updates.  In the meantime, thanks for joining us here.


What Is It?

 A project for knitters, crocheters, and sewers and/or anyone who is crafty and would like to participate.


August 21, 2016 is the 100th anniversary of my father's birth.  He was not famous, or a world-renowned leader, but he was my dad so that makes him the best to me.  A 100th birthday - even though he is not here to celebrate - seems like something that requires special notice.

I will turn 60 years old in 2016, so it's a landmark birthday for me as well.  Assuming I make it to then (and I have every intention of doing so!), I will have lived seven years longer on earth than my father did.  Thinking of this gave me the nugget of an idea.

I want to try to get my knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other crafty friends to try during 2016 to make something for a male of any age who is living in a shelter, nursing home, VA hospital, a hospital long-term - you get it, right?  These items would be part of this project, but would be distributed in our own communities.

My dad grew up poor, and in many ways his life was difficult.  He was a WWII Army veteran, and someone who worked hard all of his life.  He helped many of his own family members and friends whenever he could, either monetarily or (more often) pitching in whenever and however he could.  He would approve of any type of organization like the ones listed above (and others I've not added) being the recipients of gifts from others' hearts and hands.

I have nothing against donating to women's organizations/shelters/whatever, but this project is in memory of my dad, so I wanted it to be for the males of the species, who need help and some love as well.  (My mother's 100th birthday is two years away, so we'll see what happens then!)

Why Should I Participate?

Because you want to, and because you can.  There is no obligation to do anything if you are not so inclined.

How Will You Know What I Am Doing?

Until/unless you hear from me otherwise, please provide the following info:

Your name (please send me your whole name.  I won't publish it but I want to keep track of who is involved and what you are doing!)
Link to your blog and/or Ravelry name (if you have either - neither is required)
Pattern name (along with any other details you wish to include)
Where you are sending it/hope to send it (this doesn't have to include a lot of detail - something like "local homeless shelter" is fine)

I'm sure I'm missing things, and there will be a learning curve for me, but I hope you'll participate!

In theory - and hopefully in reality - we could have a total of 100 items made by the end of the year.  It's called "Harry's Hundred" because my father's name was Harry, and it would be my gift to his memory.  Anyone who participated would do so as part of this, or in honor/memory of someone of their choice.

Let's face it - first and foremost, it's a way to do something nice for someone in your community.

But also, most of us who do any creative/crafty things have LOTS of supplies that are either bits and bobs left over from other projects, or that were bought or given.  If you are anything like me, you would like to think you'll use it all and make amazing things.  In reality, you don't always have a clue of what to make or how to use it.  This project gives us a chance to our our various stash materials to help others.  Other than your time and your effort, there is nothing that has to be purchased, no subscriptions, memberships, etc.

I am planning to do what I can throughout the year, but I know I cannot even come close to 100 items, even if I quit my job and knit 24 hours a day!  By opening it up to anyone who is interested, it means that 100 items are possible, more people will be included, and more people overall will benefit.

My dad was a true extrovert, and I'm sure he would think that the more people involved, the merrier!

What Kind of Things Should I Make?

These are suggestions, and in no way a complete list.  But to get you started, here are some things I think would be a good fit.

Blankets (baby, lap-sized, regular, etc.)

What About Getting Things to the Recipients?

This is very important. ONLY send something when you have already checked to see that it is a good idea.  Hospitals, shelters, etc. do not need to be inundated with 50 baby blankets that are not machine-washable.

Most places have a wish list, and are happy to let you know what is actually needed.  For example, the person I contacted at the Philadelphia VA Hospital told me they are most in need of lap blankets, as they purchase hats, socks, and slippers.  You don't want your contribution to be a burden instead of a welcome gift.

When Do We Start/Finish?

Technically, we are starting right now, whenever you are reading this!  You can start at any time.  I think it would be nice if things were underway by August 21, but if you don't start until September 2016, go for it.  You can deliver things as you make them, or choose a date and make that your deadline for sending/delivering them.

The plan right now is for the project to run through 2016 - a leap year, so we even have an extra day!

How Will We Know the Tally Throughout the Year?

You can send pictures/links to blog posts/whatever to harryshundredATgmailDOTcom. **  I'll share as much info as possible on my blog, The Ravell'd Sleave.  

**I will be checking this account once a week at the least.  But if you need to contact me more immediately, please send an e-mail to my personal account, baclancyATverizonDOTnet.  Thanks!


joanchicago said...

I like this idea, Bridget, and I hope to participate. Lap rugs for VA hospitals sound good to me. I'll keep checking back to see how this project develops.

KSD said...

This site has a list of charities in need --- including some geared toward service members:

goknitinyourhat said...

Count me in. He gave the world YOU which is something precious to all of us who know you. xoxox

Anonymous said...

I'm going to join in with this. I live in the North East of England so donating locally is good for me. I have a blue blanket almost completed. There is a shelter just a bus ride away from me that I can take it to. I lost both my parents last year and they spent the last thirty years helping people with mental illness and homelessness, I think they would approve. Good luck with the project

kathy b said...

I'm mailing a pair of child socks I knit for the Children of Pine Ridge Ravelry group. Im sending in honor of Harry. I am also sending them a small baby hat. I love your initiative in honor of Harry.
Kathy b

Anonymous said...

I just started my first hat for Harry's Hundred. (I know ---- late to the party. But, better late than never, right?)