07 July 2007

Let's see, where to start ...

OK, you know I had to write something today, being that it's 07-07-07 ...

Anyway, here's an excellent starting place:
1. Sebastian won an award! YAY SEB! This is a picture taken by his mom, Karen, at the awards ceremony. He is receiving an award from the township for an essay he wrote, called, "Why Bridget Is the Smartest, Funniest, Best Person I Know, or Will Ever Know."

OK, I lied. It was an essay about mental health awareness, and being that Seb always complains that he doesn't like to write (which is probably the *only* reason you will never read the first title mentioned), it's an even more significant accomplishment, in my opinion. We are so proud of him!

(I don't know if you can tell from the size of the photo, but he also has a new faux-hawk haircut. Very cool. On a somewhat down note, he's leaving today for six weeks of sleepaway camp. We will miss him very much, but he always seems to have a good time, so it works out in the end.)

2. I have started reading my first book in the Book Awards Reading Challenge, On the Black Hill, by Bruce Chatwin. So far, it's really interesting, though since it takes place in Wales, a lot of the words indicating town names look like this: Wlllyggknnospp. (And they are probably prounounced "Springfield" ...) In the comments from one of my reading challenges posts, Kim asked me how many books I can read at one time. Well, theoretically, two or three. In reality, one at a time, usually. I am going to try my best to read one book for one challenge, then follow it up with a book from the other challenge. I am only 95% convinced that this will work, so I'll just have to let you know.

3. I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments about the book I chose for the Booking Through Thursday post this week. Mary wrote on her blog about the book that got her reading as a child, and asked for others' choices. If you are absolutely dying to know what I said (and, be honest, you are, right?), check out her blog. Check it out anyway, she has corgis and they are so cute! She also has a cat, Percy, who makes cameo appearances from time to time ...

4. The small flag-type decorations in my July 4th post, came to me courtesy of my great-nieces and nephew in Arizona. My nephew's wife, Liesl, involves the kids in all kinds of crafts, and they always send us amazing decorations that they have made. The July 4th items were courtesy of the handprints of Anya, Jude, Lola, and Naomi. I absolutely love them, and hope that others are jealous that they are my great-nieces and nephew, and not theirs. :-)

5. Thank you to the kind person who pointed out to me that Karl Marx was not one of the Marx Brothers, as I had mentioned in a post about looking up my birth date in Wikipedia. I know that, having been a Political Science major, but I was trying to be funny. Because, at least to me, thinking of Karl Marx and the Marx Brothers together is pretty darn amusing. Anyway, for those of you who may have also been worried that I am a total eejit, rest assured that I am in fact an eejit in lots of ways, just not a total eejit.

6. As far as I'm concerned, the only good thing about the Scooter Libby story, was a local newscaster who got tongue-tied reading the teleprompter, and referred to him as "Scooty Liver."

7. I've saved the most momentous, personal item for last, and also for #7 on this day o' sevens. Please begin a virtual drum roll, as I present the completed baby toe-up sock, done with a short-row heel, having finally accomplished the Picking Up of The Wraps!!



Anonymous said...

The baby sock is precious! Kudos!

Terrific post.

teabird said...

You're just being modest. Sebastian's essay really WAS "Why Bridget...[etc.]" -

Donna Lee said...

Yay for picking up the wraps! I want to try toe up socks but get intimidated by the whole provisional cast on bit and would love it if my lys had classes. I guess I will have to try harder to find one. The books that got me reading were "The Bobbsey Twins" (I have quite a collection of the originals). My grandmother got tired of me reading the backs of cereal boxes and soup cans so she bought me books whenever she was out. I haven't thought about that in years. I loved those books.

Carol said...

Yet another great post! I expect only great things from your family as you spoiled me for anything less. Mary's blog is something else! 40 Acres? Can you imagine? I sure can. (only) Your sock is great!! Is that your first sock? I'm working on mine, what a thrill!

Carol said...

Hey, is that Alex Trebec giving the award to Seb?


I'll take "Crazy Irish Broads Who Knit" for $500, please, Alex.

Carrie K said...

Karl Marx wasn't one of the Marx bros? Who knew?

Congrats, Seb!

Romi said...

Congrats to Sebastian!

And to you, of course, on the cute sock! :)