20 October 2007

At last - my arm is complete again!

(Yep, me and Sweeney Todd ...)

Hello possums, did you miss me?? Did the days seem long and dull, without my incredible wit and wonderful wisdom to brighten your lives? Fear no more, the stitches were removed yesterday, and I am back using both hands to type (though it's not all that comfortable. But hey, it's only been one day!)

I haven't tried knitting yet, mostly because my thumb is swollen, sore, and feels like pins and needles at the tip. So I'm extremely conscious of it at the moment, and since the sensation is not all that pleasurable, I don't want to push my luck - or ruin my knitting ...

So, let me catch up with the highlights of the past couple of weeks.

Stitches East

This time last week, I'd just gotten home from a day in Baltimore, at the Stitches market. The weather was perfect, the drive uneventful, and the market a ton of fun. So much color this year! My friend Sharrie and I had a blast. We had noted the places that we absolutely had to stop, so that we would be sure to see those, and not have to hurry, or miss them altogether. Though many mocked us, it was an excellent plan. We had time to see everything, and even time to re-visit some new favorites.

We also had fun deciding what to buy. Sharrie bought a lot of baby patterns, as her son and daughter-in-law are expecting the first grandchild. She also bought some gorgeous Schaefer Anne yarn to make a scarf for her husband.

I, on the other hand, bought things for, um, myself. To be honest, most of the things I have in mind for other people, I already have yarns and patterns for at home. And though I am always working on something, I haven't actually knit that many things for myself. Now, this is really not an excuse, nor is it an apology. Just a reason.

I bought two of Courtney's patterns: Parthenope, and Gertrude (I already have Beatrix). I have liked Gertrude since I first saw it, but until I saw Parthenope in person at Rosie's, I had no incredible interest in it. But wow, is it beautiful! So it will be on my "someday" list. I also bought a pattern from Cabin Fever for a 4 x 4 Ribbed Tank, a Loopy Mohair shawl kit, and three skeins of yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts: the lightweight yarn in Chickabiddy and Oregon Red Clover Honey, and the Seduction yarn in Hollyday. (The reason I am extra-link-y, is because Blogger apparently does not feel like letting me add pictures to this post.)

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

So, after walking around the Stitches market all day on Saturday, and then taking Doughboy for a walk that evening, Sunday morning I got up bright and early for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. The weather could not have been more perfect, and they had a good turnout - crowded, but not so many people that you couldn't get a good, brisk walk out of it. I was almost to the finish line, and some a-hole on a bicycle came from behind and knocked me down. He hit me and I fell to the right, and automatically put down my right hand to break the fall - O U C H !!! It was one of those things that hurt so much, you can't breathe for a couple of minutes. Fortunately, a couple of people were kind enough to stop and make sure I was OK, and to help me get up. Because Bicycle Man just kept going. Anyway, I came home, took some of my Vicodin, and pretty much spent the rest of the day on the couch.

I want to thank those of you who donated to support me, it was so very much appreciated, and such a nice surprise! I will send you thank-you notes soon, now that I can type more comfortably. You may have noticed several famous names in the roll of donors ... no, I don't know these people, my family is just insane. (But in the best way possible!) I am a little bit disappointed that I didn't reach my goal, though I have until the end of October, so I may get a few more donations. But I did extremely well nonetheless, and I'm really glad that I took part again this year. And if you are reading this and thinking, "Oh my God, I meant to donate a thousand dollars!," feel free to donate it now - just click here! :-)

Knitters Tea Swap 4

Yep, it's another one. (And I never even got around to adding the button ...) The mailing date is October 24, but I'm all set, and will be getting my package in the mail this Monday, if I can find the packing tape. My swap pal is in Canada, which of course pleases me to no end, as I do love Canada, and Tim Horton's, and maple everything, and - well, you get the picture. This is just such a neat swap, and Suzie really has it worked out so that it goes smoothly, for the most part. Of course, there are always a few who flake out, and it annoys me, because she puts so much work and energy into it. But she said the number of flake outs has dropped every time.

I'm also excited because most of what is in my package is local, or at least purchased in my neighborhood. So hopefully the little bit of Philadelphia that travels north will give someone a favorable impression of this place.

Farm to City

Today I signed us up for the Philadelphia Winter Harvest, and I'm so excited! I've been wanting to give this program a try, but usually heard about it too late to sign up. Fortunately, the last time I inquired, they added my name to their list for e-mail notices. I love getting fresh fruit, veggies, etc., and knowing that I am helping local farmers, particularly after reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver over the summer. Plus, a lot of the times, the grocery stores in the city get the crappy-looking produce, and it's discouraging, because why should the suburbanites get the really nice stuff? I mean, everyone needs to eat, after all. I could go on, but won't, and you should all be mighty glad.

So now you know the latest. Or at least as much of the latest as I can remember at the moment. Next time = some pictures? Who knows?


Carrie K said...

Wow, what a jerk! Hit you and then just kept going? Karma. And your poor hand! Thank heaven for vicodin and healing.

teabird said...

I second Carrie's sentiments - especially about the Vicodin, which is such a wonder drug! The idea of falling on the recently-repaired hand.. oh man! Awful.

My tea swap package will go out on Monday - my partner is great, as usual, and it was as much fun putting the package together as always. Yay for Suzie!

Good to have you back.

Liz K. said...

Oh, throw us suburbanites a freakin' bone, will ya? You have the culture, restaurants, interesting shops, galleries, concerts, happenings, etc. We have Applebees, traffic, vast tract homes, and soulless pod people as our neighbors. Give us our decent produce, already!

KSD said...

Yes, you were sorely missed. (*sorry*)

How much Vicodin is "some" Vicodin"?

Thanks for the Sweeney Todd reference. Are you familiar with the actor playing Judge Turpin in the film version?

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

How nice to have you back! Love the patterns you chose - I might just have to get that loopy mohair shawl from Dancing Leaf Farms myself!!!! There was a knitter's tea swap?? Whaaaaa. I always find out about these things after they close :( I hope you have a witness to that hit & run biker - I can see a personal injury claim to be recompensed by a lifetime of yarn.

Carol said...

Glad you're on your way to healing! I'd to like to shove mr bike's chain right up....you know. Anyway, I came, I saw, I donated. You're a cool kid.

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