08 April 2008

Random Acts of Thinking

Maybe it's just me, but ...

So I finally finished the Sailboat hat for Doughboy's soon-to-be-born baby brother. I took it to work today, to show some of my knitting co-workers. A non-knitting - and incredibly literal - co-worker walked past my desk at some point before I had put it away:

Co-worker: What is that?
Me: A baby hat for my next-door neighbors.
Co-worker: Did you make it for their baby?
Me (in my brain): No, I just give out random baby hats to see what people will do.
Me (in reality): Well ... yes, for their baby who is due at the end of June.
Co-worker: Will it last until then?
Me: If I cover it with a dark cloth, and put it under the magnolia tree in our garden.
Co-worker: Seriously?
Me: Yeah.

(Pictures of the hat as soon as I have a chance to take some. Hopefully before it spoils.)

Congratulate yourselves while you're here ...

blog readability test

See you at the next Mensa meeting!

The Garden Kitty

Thanks for all of your nice comments about the Garden Kitty. But as I told a friend, if he knew that strangers could see him and were talking about him, he'd have a stroke! So I'll just say thanks, and not cause him any more trauma than he experiences on any given day by telling him ...

Virago Modern Classics

I have a pretty decent collection of these books, though I haven't seen any for a while. I was cruising around on some book blogs, and came across a link to this article, which I thought was really interesting. I only knew bits and pieces about how it all got started, and what had changed along the way, so it was nice to learn the whole story. Like any publisher's offerings, some are more interesting to me than others, but after reading this, I'm glad I have as many as I do. And most of them were bought second-hand, but in excellent condition, for one or two dollars at a used book store near where we lived in Chicago. Even better, as far as I'm concerned.


I have been meaning to share this with you since I got my MP3 player, because it was one of the things that The Tim had already downloaded for me. You may have already seen it (as many of you have been in the current century for about eight years now), but if not, take a look, it's really funny! (Keep your speakers on, the sound is part of the fun.)


Lorette said...

That whole baby-hat conversation cracks me up.

And my blog reads at the elementary school level. What the hell??

Literary Feline said...

I'm still laughing about your conversation with your coworker. I had to share it with my husband who got a good laugh out of it too. :-)

My blog is evidently at high school level. I can't say I'm surprised.

I enjoyed the Last Knit video. Thanks for sharing!

I added you to my drawing, by the way! Thanks for entering!

teabird said...

My blog scored at the elementary school level, too. Maybe I need to throw in some fancy words, like "Virago."

(I love those books, too.)

Sometimes, I get comments if I'm knitting a face cloth, like "why would you knit a face cloth?" The only answer that people seem to understand is "I'm allergic to terrycloth." (sigh)

Anonymous said...

May your coworker's uppance soon come.

Anonymous said...

That was the first time I had seen the video-- wow, that was fun! (What long hair she has!) Thanks for sharing it.

Ann said...

Your clueless co-worker is a riot! Will it last? I've got to check out my blog grade level ...

Quilting Mama said...

Thanks for the coworker share - I hate to miss these fun interactions.

Hey I rate as a College Undergrad - thanks for the evaluation tool.

Wendy said...

Hmmm - did she think you baked the hat? Perhaps you should have told her, "it'll last, only if I refrigerate it."


Lorraine said...

Bridget- I think we are way too smart for Mensa.

Perhaps your colleague can join? Have you read "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions"?

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Typical co-worker who obviously had no real interest in what you had made. Next time you see her compliment her on her dress (when she's wearing pants)- this brings me to my next point. My blog is written at a Junior High Level which is also happens to be my maturity level - LOL

Carol said...

bwahahahaha! You put the funny title in wrong place! Well, not really, you just need to move the hat story under there too ;-) I'm so glad I'm not drinking anything, I already passed coffee through my nose this weekend. ouch.

Anonymous said...

Aww, your co-worker sounds real *special*. I guess every place has one or two. You kind of have to wonder about the hiring practices of some places.

I really enjoy your blog, I think it's a real hoot. I'm not much of a knitter,*opps* correction, I can't knit at all but I hope to learn someday. Thanks for posting. God Bless!

knitseashore said...

When I read your story I wondered if the co-worker thought the knitted hat was going to dissolve into thin air? I hope that she is not in charge of anything important where you work (paychecks, health care, etc).

About the Virago books; a friend of mine has mentioned them, then I saw them in the Yarnstorm book, so now I have to read your linked article to learn more.

And have you seen the "Cat Alarm Clock" video on youtube? It cracks me up every time. The sequel is good too, "Let Me In."

Mistrmi said...

YES!! Good for you!!

Brigitte said...

Hee hee...non-knitters...!

Mae would probably have a heart attack if she knew of all the virtual scritches she gets. She's a shy girl...