12 July 2008

Some Catching Up

Mon Dieu! I have been neglecting to show you pictures of my knitting projects lately, and I actually have ones I can show you!

To the right is the beginning of the first of the pair of Bon-bon Socklettes that I am knitting for my Tour de France KAL 2008 project. I chose them because I liked the look of the pattern, and because I wanted something with a French-sounding name for the KAL. This pattern took me way too long to get going correctly, as it is not that difficult. But I seem to have finally figured out how it works, and now it's going smoothly. I am hoping to give these to my niece Lauren for Christmas. I am not sure if she wears socks much, or would even really care if she received handknit socks, so I chose this pattern, so that I wouldn't have spent as much time on them if she doesn't like them ... I am using Regia yarn, rather than the heavier weight yarn suggested in the pattern. Since she lives in San Francisco, lighter weight socks made more sense to me.

Remember the Blueberry Waffle Socks? Well, I'm moving right along on those as well:

I'm really pleased with how well these are turning out, and will probably be able to finish them soon. They are my first project for the Summer of Socks 2008. I figure if I'm knitting socks anyway, I might as well sign up for that KAL as well!

Details for both of these are listed on Ravelry, here and here, if you are curious.

Questions and comments

Several of you asked in the comments a couple of weeks ago, what book I would buy/bought when I mentioned I was buying myself a book since it had been payday. I treated myself to Bend the Rules Sewing, by Amy Karol. I took a look at it a while back, when I got a new sewing machine for my birthday, and thought it was really a great source of ideas, so it's now part of my collection. Someday when I can figure out where to set up my sewing machine, I may actually make something from it ...

Kim's comment on my last post (she's listed there as KSD) absolutely cracked me up! And it's continued to crack me up every time I think about it. Thanks, Kim, I could use a good laugh like that about now.

I'm also glad that you enjoyed the story about me, the audiobook, and the Shuffle setting on my MP3! As embarrassing as it is, I'm also highly amused by it. Talk about a "duh" moment!

Knee-d an update?

Ah yes, my poor knee. Well, the swelling went down quite a bit (in keeping with the summer fruit size standard theme, it reached about peach size), but then the bruise started to spread. So last week at this time, it looked like this:

Kids - don't try this at home - I'm a trained professional!

Well, the bruise started to get lighter, becoming more of a pink than dark purple, but there was a little knob to the side of my kneecap that hurt even more than the rest of it, so my dr sent me to see an orthopedic dr.

That was yesterday. I spent practically the whole day at the place, while he checked the x-rays, sent me for an MRI, and then performed a "minor procedure," after which he put a compression bandage around my knee, and told me to return on Monday to see how it's all doing. As "procedures" go, it was minor, but it HURT like you wouldn't believe - I mean, imagine someone sticking a needle into your knee!

Then he sent me home with instructions to not take a shower or bath until he could check it on Monday, and gave me a knee brace, so I it would stay straight.

Now it looks like this:

Sigh. All dressed up and no place to go ...

So - how's your weekend been????


Anonymous said...

Oh my, your knee looks like it hurts like he**. I hope you are up and around again soon.

Aren't audiobooks the best? I finally bought an ipod and am able to enjoy books again. Sweet!

Your socks look great btw.

Kathleen Dames said...

Ouch ouch ouch! I hope the procedure helps! How kind of the doctor to prohibit you from getting wet for three days in July. Keep up the lovely knitting!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- by the looks of things, my weekend is going much better than yours.

oooooh- that looks painful. More yarn please.

Anonymous said...

That knee? OMG, Woman! Please keep us posted. But now you are under doctor's order to sit and knit.

Carol said...

OMG - you poor thing!
And now you not only have a horrible painful knee, but you are also stinky from not bathing for a weekend in July!
Sending hugs.
Virtual only. (;

Mistrmi said...

Well, it was going pretty well until I saw that bruise. . . OW! (Oh, and thanks for bringing back those needle-in-the-knee memories. . . )

Liking the socks, though. Both pair.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm stunned. Your knee injury is massive - did you do that skydiving? Happy days to see knitting again - love what you are doing with the french theme and the contrasting sock yarns. BTW, P. 50, very good reading :)

mary said...

Oh my Bridget, your knee looks terrible. I hope you are feeling better and will be alright.

...and I thought I had a terrible weekend before I read your blog!

Anonymous said...

Your knee looks so better as a Cylon-want-to be! Yeeouch! Poor baby.

Your Bon Bon socklettes are cute! That is two different skeins though, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The sewing book looks interesting too! I took my sewing machine out this morning to do ...fixing things.... (- where does one's mind go? I miss it.) I could barely remember the hem setting. I used to sew the way I now knit.

Brigitte said...

Ewwww-ie! Oh, poor you! If it's any consolation, I've had the needle thingie done on a hip flexor. Yuck! :(

I did giggle though when you mentioned that the start of the sock took you longer than it should have, being that it wasn't difficult...Heh. Welcome to my (sock) world!

Take care of your knee!

Anonymous said...

YIKES!!!!! Oh, you poor thing- that knee looks really banged up!What does the other guy look like (as my father used to say)?

The knee brace looks lovely and oh, so comfy...especially in July.

The knitting does, however ,look tres fab, as always!

We hope your up and running soon...

karen + seb

Sarah said...

Sweet 'French' socks

So sorry about your knee, hope that Jetsam is keeping you company while you rest it

Carol said...

Oh you poor baby. I sure hope you're getting time off of that knee. I'd say your sock rock, but I think that's taken ;-)

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow Garmin Chipotle team member, hope you yellow jersey project is progressing. Hopefully by now your knee is no longer as colourful as the socks!