12 January 2010

Last Projects of 2009, Part the Second

Here, as promised, is the final installment of the 2009 knitting here at Chez Ravell'd Sleave.  It's taken me a little bit to get used to the new version of Photoshop that The Tim installed on our computer, but now I have a clue how it works so that I can get the pictures edited to show you here.  (It would be nice to be able to say that the photographic quality was due to things I don't know about Photoshop, but for that I must claim the credit blame.)

Anyway, in keeping with the knitting for the nieces' birthdays, I give you Annie's Pretty Pointy Scarf:

Get it - it's pretty (well at least I think so) and it's pointy - I tell you, when the creative juices get going, watch out!  I had an idea of what I wanted this to look like, and though it's not exactly what I had in mind, it's a pretty good substitute.  She seemed genuinely pleased with it, and when I talked to her on Christmas Day, said that she had already worn it. 

Next, Liz's Shoulder Shawl:

This shot is before it was blocked, because I knew that once it was blocked, I needed to wrap it up and mail the box that would include it, and didn't want to take any chances that I would forget!  This is just laceweight yarn (Schulana Kid Seta again, different colors for each project), with size 13 needles, garter stitch and increases on each end of a row.  It was a lot nicer-looking than this photo shows it, and was (in my opinion) just the right size for a small shawl.

In my last post, I said I had two more things to show you, but actually there were three.  I also knit a Turn a Square Hat for The Tim for Christmas.

I've been meaning to try this pattern for a while, and finally got around to it, and I was so glad!  It's a very simple pattern, but the stripes keep it interesting, and I love the final look.  I was unable to wrap my brain around the jogless stripe method, so it does have a "seam," but The Tim doesn't mind, and when it's worn that really doesn't show up too much.  For anyone looking for a nice hat pattern, I can highly recommend this one!

Details on these projects are in Ravelry, here, here, and here.

I can hardly believe it, but I actually completed 19 knitting projects in 2009 - a new personal record!  I wasn't keeping any kind of count, 'cause I just knit because I like it - so I was surprised that I'd accomplished so much.

If you are dying to know details about any of these, just check my projects page on Ravelry!

Next time: I've already completed my first project of 2010 ...


Lorraine said...

Bridget- A 2010 FO? Already?

Channon said...

I want to do the turn square, but I hate color work... :/ Allows me to admire yours all the more.

Channon said...

I want to do the turn square, but I hate color work... :/ Allows me to admire yours all the more.

Brigitte said...

What? Already! You're good... I should have one done in, oh, 7 months!

I need to check out that hat pattern.

craftivore said...

Great herd of FOs. Love the delicate lace, particularly.