04 January 2012

Getting All Philosophical on Myself

Here we are, four days into 2012.  I'm getting over a killer cold, adjusting to having to actually go to work on a regular basis again, and trying to decide what's what.  I've spent the last week or so doing a lot of thinking about things I've been reading, and listening to, and have some ideas for the what/why/how/where of myself for the coming year.

Over the New Year's weekend, my niece Amanda and her husband Patrick came up from Baltimore for a visit.  We had a nice time, and as we were walking Dug the Dog on New Year's Eve, we were discussing New Year's Resolutions.  I said that after a long time, I've realized that resolutions need to be realistic, and it had really changed the way I decided what I wanted to try and do for any given year.  This year, I decided I "wanted to do better at everything."  Meaning that I want to be mindful of what I am doing, and how I can be better at it, while not making myself thinking that I need to be the BEST at everything.  There are some things I do very well, thank you very much, but there is always room for improvement, no matter how small.

Since then, I've been reading what others have to say about resolutions/goals/ideas - whatever you want to call them, and though some of it is the same old crapola, I did come across some things that resonated with me.  And those things seem to be sticking with me, so in the coming posts, I'll be sharing the things I want to try this year that I'm feeling excited about.

I shall try not to get preachy, or sound superior, or bore you to death with my philosophical musings and decisions.  But I thought you at least deserved a warning that they would be coming along, so you can plan your blog reading - or not - accordingly!

In knitting news, I have a 2011 round-up to get ready, but I can show you four birthday gifts I knitted for four of my nieces' birthdays in November and December.  Now that they have been gifted, apparently appreciated, and worn, I feel it's safe to let you see them in all of their glory:

Yep, they are varying yarns and colors, but they are all the Fetching pattern.  Kinda sorta last-minute, I decided that I wanted to make fingerless gloves for each of these nieces.  At first, I decided that I'd use four different patterns.  Then I thought about it, and realized that it might be better to give them all the same pattern, just different colors/yarns.  That way, it would not seem that so-and-so got a nicer pair.  The other thing was, I had to have enough yarn already in my stash - no new yarn would be bought.  I checked, and realized that I had some really nice stash yarns that would be enough for four pairs, and I was off!

I sorta became a Fetching knitting machine - as a matter of fact, by the time I reached Pair #4, I had the pattern memorized!  But because they are quick, and interesting, and each one used a different color and/or brand of yarn, I wanted to see how they turned out, which definitely kept me knitting.  

If you are interested in details, the information is all on Ravelry

From left to right:

There are two more gifts I'm still finishing - a cowl for my friend/temporary boss, Clare, which is really more of a Thank You Gift than a Christmas gift, and the second Dashing for The Tim, originally meant to be for Christmas, but not thought of and/or started in a reasonable amount of time (at least not for the way I knit!).  I guess those will have to be the first FOs of 2012.  Sigh.  So close and yet so far.  But it's not a contest, and I want to do things better, remember?  So it will be all in time, and it will be fine.

What are YOU up to for 2012??


Mr. Puffy said...

I have to confess that I've given not a thought to my New Year's resolutions. Steve said he was working on his and is diligently following through but still I've given no thought to mine. I'll enjoy reading yours and maybe it will inspire me to come up with some of my own!

andrea said...

i love your goal for 2012!

Elizabeth D said...

I'm not good at blogging faithfully, and I'm not good at posting projects on Ravelry the minute I start them, so I've started keeping a list on my computer. Since it's on every day, it's easy to just pull up the file and enter a newly started project right there. I'm hoping this will keep them from crawling into bags and being forgotten. . .I've also wondered how many projects I work on/finish in a year, so this should be interesting.

Lynn said...

I dont make resolutions so all I plan on doing is to keep moving forward. I tend to make mini goals thruout the year, this way I'm more likely to work/attain them.

I LOVE your fetchings!!!! Great variety of color! I've never made a pair so maybe THAT will be a resolution for the year!!! LOL

And btw, I LOVE the name Dug for the dog. Every time you post it, it makes me smile.

teabird said...

I've been a bad blogger, an indifferent correspondent, and the unhappy inhabitant of a semi-permanent bad mood... so I guess I would resolve to resolve some issues, aye? Love the Fetchings. You have inspired me to make a pair, or three...

Pam said...

I finally finished a cowl (started in August!) next up, a babies hat. Hopefully I'll finish it before winter is over!

Carrie K said...

Aren't the Fetchings fun to knit? Yours look really.....well, fetching!

I love making new year's resolutions. Wanting to do better at everything is a good way to remind yourself that you can improve without going over the edge into perfectionist oneupmanship with yourself. Is that it? More or less?

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I did fingerless gloves for everybody, and they loved them. It's nice when you make something and they love it.

Yeah, I agree, keep it real.