04 September 2012


Well, here's another topic that I wanted to take on:

Ten Things You Love About September

1.  During September (even if it is towards the end of the month), fall starts.  I love fall, particularly after the really-crappy-way-too-hot-and-humid spring and summer we've had.  YAY!

2.  More than January, September always feels more like a fresh start to me.  I guess it's the leftover school-starts-in-September thing.  But it's another chance to start anew.

3.  Sweetzels Ginger Cookies start to appear in the supermarket.  They are regional, I think, and soooo yummy!

4.  Things are a little quiet in the museum at work.  Summer day camps are over, so they aren't visiting, and school field trips don't start right away.  It's nice to leave the library and not be run into by screaming and misbehaving children, and their "chaperones."  (In quotes because, well, they don't seem to be actually paying attention ...)

5.  Apples.

6.  New TV shows.  I'm not one of those types who a) doesn't even own a TV, or b) only watches PBS.  Granted, there are not a lot of shows I go out of my way to see, but I like to check out what's new each year.

7.  Walking and bicycling.  Theoretically at least, the weather is nicer for enjoying these activities.

8.   Coziness.  Fall weather leads to the feeling of cozy, as far as I'm concerned.

9.  Better knitting weather.  It's more fun to knit a hat, or mittens when you can actually imagine actually putting them onto your person.

10.  The holiday season is not too far off.  I don't want time to speed by, but I really enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmastime, and once it's September, those - as well as our anniversary and the BD of The Tim - are looming on the horizon.

YAY September!!


Marie said...

YAY September! is right! I really enjoyed this post. I'm with you on everything.

Nancy said...

Apples, apples, apples! I look forward to tasting a crisp Jonathan apple every Fall.

Donna said...

I agree - the weather in September is definitely more conducive to knitting!

Ann in the UP said...

I'm voting for apples too, and the attendant apple PIE!!

Lapdog Creations said...


knitseashore said...

I have never been a fan of September, but your list does point out a lot of good things! Once it's cold again, we have fires in the fireplace, which I do miss in the warmer months.

Hope you had a good Labor Day weekend!

Unknown said...

I love your September love post here. (I work in a museum too. I hear you on that!)

Beverly said...

I enjoy the coziness, too!

kathy b said...

Fun list.....I love Halloween and all that follows too. September scare crows and apple picking here in Illinois are great fun. I love a taffy apple

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Aside from snow and cold, it is my very favorite time of year.

Yay September!

Melwyk said...

I second the Yay for September! Especially point #4... as a public library employee, I understand this one :)

I also love coziness, holidays and the feeling of a new year that comes more strongly in September than January. Time for some fresh pencils and notebooks, and fresh plans!