09 June 2013

And When It Rains ...

Of course, it pours, right?  That was this past week for me.

Before I forget, thank you for all of your kind thoughts, prayers, and comments on my post about my late sister-in-law Sheila.  Her death was quite sudden, and though I am very glad that she didn't linger or suffer terribly, I still feel bad.  She was The Tim's favorite sibling, and her late husband Dave (who died last fall), was the best man at our wedding.  Of course, since then there have been disturbing issues related to her estate and will, so we've been just trying to get through it all.  I feel bad for The Tim, as he was blindsided with a lot of it.  But in the end, both of us are still here and happy about that fact, so it's all good.

Then there was the deadly building collapse, which fortunately did not involve either of us directly, but did occur just up the street, and was and is just incredibly awful.

Of course, Friday was The Day It Just Kept Raining, and we discovered that our roof has a leak!   Fortunately for us, The Tim is on vacation this coming week, so he is planning to call our roofer and hopefully get things resolved.

But - yeah.  What a week!

The weekend though has been very nice, and somewhat productive.  I finally managed to get through about 95% of The Great Seasonal Closet Switchover.  Other than some things that have to be laundered before being put away, it's taken care of.  And I have 4 big bags of stuff to donate to the local clothing bank.  That is a good feeling for me, I have to say.

Not much knitting or reading has been happening, partly because I've been busy with other stuff, partly because I just haven't felt like it.  I'm sure I'll pick up both this week again, since I generally read during my lunch hour at work, and like to knit while we are watching the few shows we record.

And of course, it's June - how did that happen!?

Anyway, thanks again for your kindness, and have a good week.  Let's hope it's less "eventful" for everyone.  :-)


Nancy said...

Sorry to hear of the struggles the past week brought. May the future be brighter (and easier).

Lorraine said...

Bridget- It is June and that means only 2 more months of summer and then FALL.

Sorry you're having a rough time. I'm like you, I love a big clearout.

kathy b said...


Youve survived an awful lot from that one week.
Wishing you peaceful days of knitting ahead

Mereknits said...

Gosh what a week. So sorry to hear about your SIL, and now the roof leak and building collapse, yikes!
Hang in there,