07 April 2015

A Very Happy Knit

Recently, I haven't had as much knitting time as I'd like.  But the good news is, when I did have a chance to knit, I managed to finish something that turns out to be one of my very favorite projects ever!

Milo and Jetsam helped me with blocking:

Such good helpers, right?

I had been to Loop early in March, and they had a sample of this, knit in the yarn that had been specially made for the shop.  The sample was in this color, and I just fell in love with it.  So I bought the yarn and the pattern and went home to get started.

The pattern is actually quite simple, and brilliant - once you actually pay attention, that is.  After a few false starts, it finally clicked, and I was on my way.  I would have probably finished it more quickly except that once I started there was an entire week when, for one reason or another, I didn't get a chance to pick it up.

Pip was quite happy to model the finished piece:

So, you are probably saying, if this is such great pattern, where are the details?  Keep reading.

Project:  Rechargeable
Pattern:  Portfolio Scarf, by Erika Flory
Needles:  Size 7 US
Yarn:  Loop Studio, colorway Cadmium (I used most of one skein)
Modifications:  None
Comments:  This is one of my very favorite knits ever.  The pattern is extremely well-written, and involves garter sections interspersed with sections of lace.  You work one part at a time, and cannot wait to get to the next part!  I named mine "Rechargeable" because I read that cadmium is mostly used for rechargeable batteries.  The yarn is soft, and lovely to work with.  I have already worn this a few times, and it is just perfect for springtime.  I see more of these in the future, both for myself and for gifts.

Rechargeable scarf worn

My suggestion?  You should really knit one of these - you will not be sorry!


Caffeine Girl said...

Thanks for the pattern recommendation. I love the way yours turned out, so I'm going to have to queue this pattern.
And Rechargeable is such a clever name!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I am really liking this new generation of smaller shawl/scarves as they are wearable and better yet, do-able in a short time.

Love the colour too.

elns said...

Ooo it's beautiful! I love that kind of texture in a neck piece! It reminds me a bit of Antarktis which I enjoyed knitting so much, I knit it twice. Thanks for the pattern recommendation!

Mereknits said...

Bridget, it is wonderful. I love the bright color and the great pattern. Thank you for the suggestion.

Lorette said...

I really love this one! The color is gorgeous. That's going in my queue also!