24 July 2015

What Are You Up To This Weekend?

Hello there ~ I don't know about where you are, but here in Philadelphia it is a rare July day.  Temperature in the 80s.  Virtually no humidity.  Cooling off this evening down to the 60s, which is perfect for sleeping with the windows open.  If summer could be like this most of the time, I'd be on board.  But I plan to enjoy this as much as I can.  Tomorrow is supposed to be similar, so there's one more day to this lovely summer weather.

I took a day off today, and with the weather as it is, I can't believe that worked out!  Dug and I just got back from a lunch date.  We  went to a little cafe near our house and had a lovely lunch outside, in the shade.  There was a group of about 8 twenty-somethings at the table next to us, and they were in love with the Doodle Dog, and needless to say, he soaked up all of the attention like the happy love bug that he is.  Then after that, we went to the bakery next door and got a puppy treat for Dug, and some of their amazing Chocolate-Cherry Bread for us.

Later this afternoon, my niece Amanda and her husband Patrick will come up from Baltimore, and we'll head to dinner and then the a Diana Krall concert, at an outdoor venue here (again, who could have imagined we'd have a perfect weather evening for this towards the end of July?).  Then we'll meet them tomorrow morning before they head out for breakfast.  They have to leave early for another commitment later on Saturday.  We don't have any specific plans for the rest of Saturday, which is just fine with me.  Then The Tim works during the day on Sunday, and I'll do the usual exciting stuff - clean up, laundry, etc.

Not a bad weekend, right?

What about you?  Anything fun and/or exciting coming up?  Whatever you do or don't do, I hope you have a lovely weekend, and have a chance to relax!


Michelle B. said...

On Sunday, my two teenagers and I are driving from central Pennsylvania to the University of Maine campus in Orono, Me., to tour the campus and town on Monday. We'll stop and have lunch with my college roommate along the way. We rented a cabin on a lake and hope to have a relaxing lake day on Tuesday before driving home on Wednesday. A quick trip but should be fun and make some memories! Enjoy your weekend too!

Bonny said...

I'm in central NJ and just as astounded as you are at our recent low-humidity weather. I'm sure humidity will make a return soon, but it's worth celebrating now with a beer on the porch and some knitting, which is just where I'm headed. Happy Weekend!

Araignee said...

Yes, yes, yes!!!! This is what summer is all about. It's about time we got a break with the weather. I've had the windows open all day. Can you imagine that?

Anonymous said...

Are you headed to the Mann Music Center?

That was one of my favorite places when we lived in Philadelphia.

Have a GREAT weekend.

Mereknits said...

It sounds perfect to me. Hope the concert was fantastic. I am staying in and enjoying all the rain and thunder.

Linda said...

sounds like a lovely time out! I'm staying inside to watch the NASCAR race later this afternoon. And try to learn how to knit socks using the magic loop. Once I remember how to do magic loop - ha!

Linda in VA

Caffeine Girl said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I used to live in Annapolis, so I know how amazing that weather is!
We spent a chunk of Saturday helping out my parents with things around their place. Went for bike rides both days. Watched Orange is the New Black, which means some knitting got done!

Kym said...

Summer is my favorite season -- so I'm really glad you're getting to enjoy it, too! (The low humidity really helps.) I hope the rest of your summer days are comfortable and wonderful! XO

elns said...

Oh lovely weekend. I love sleeping with the windows open, even when the club kids are coming home late and loud. (preferably just not in my building, ha!)

I seem to forever be waging a laundry battle at home. Sometimes I think nothing of it, some days I want to hide in it.

Love the itty bitty kitty photo. Hard to focus on the negative with that kind of sweetness in your face. hehe.