09 June 2017

Five Favorites for This Friday

Are you ready for the weekend?  I have some things I want to do around the house and in the garden.  Next week my sister and brother-in-law, and my niece Amanda and her husband Pat (of our trip to Puerto Rico fame) are coming to spend the Bloomsday weekend with us.  So I want to finish putting some stuff away, and finish cleaning up.  And I would like to plant a few things that I have for the garden and front planter.  Elstwise, nothing too elaborate or exciting, but that's fine since we'll be so busy next weekend.

The socks from the last post are in a brief timeout, until I can get over to Loop and buy another set of needles.  I lost one from the set I'm using, which I bought because the other set I was using was so worn, they were snagging the yarn.  The Tim had sanded them for me a couple of times, but it's time to move along.  You'd think with all of the sock knitting I do, I'd spring for multiple sets of double pointed needles.  At least right now, you would be wrong ...

Anyway, it's time to share five good things from the week, so here you go.

1.  Cool weather.  It's actually still spring, in spite of everyone else wanting it to be summer.  For the last few years, we've been lucky if we got a week of springtime weather before heat and humidity arrived.  This year, we've actually had spring weather - nice days and cool (sometimes actually cold!) nights for sleeping.  Since I suspect we are going to have a brutal summer (and the heat and humidity are supposed to arrive on Sunday), I've been enjoying spring and the cool weather.

2.  A better circular needle.  I started working on the Sonora Shawl, and when I got to the colorwork portion, it was a nightmare with a metal needle.  So I walked over to Loop the other day and got a wood needle, and it's made all of the difference!  That made me happy, because I have really wanted to knit the pattern ever since I saw it, and instead I was a) making a mess, and b) getting really discouraged and frustrated.  Wood needle for the win!

3.  Lasagna.  We don't have this very often, but the other night, The Tim fixed some truly amazing vegetable lasagna.  Fortunately, there are leftovers, so it wasn't a one-shot deal.  :-)

4.  Kitty cuddles.  Since it's been cool, all of the cats are still wanting to cuddle.  I've been enjoying it, knowing that once the weather changes, those cuddles will be few and far between.

5.  Taking a long walk on a beautiful day.  Last Saturday was a gorgeous day.  and in the afternoon The Tim and I went out for nice, long walk.  We have taken plenty of walks together overall, but generally we are on the way to somewhere, or running an errand, so a leisurely walk was a special treat.  We stopped and got coffee on the way, then stopped at the Farmer's Market on the way home.  It was one of those days when it seemed as if the planets had aligned, you know?

What about you?  Do you have any things from the past week that were especially good, and/or made you smile?  I hope so!

Here's to a good weekend, no matter what your plans happen to be.


Araignee said...

Hasn't this weather been wonderful? I am enjoying every minute until we hit those 90's again next week.

Kym said...

Y'know, having the right needles for your knitting can make it or break it! I usually relax when I pick up my knitting -- and when I tense up, it's usually because the needles I'm using make me grumpy! :) I hope you have a relaxing and productive weekend. I know we've got a pretty intense heat wave coming, too -- so stay cool! XO

Bonny said...

Those are five really wonderful things; each one is simple but really makes a big difference in your happiness level! I'm dreading the heat and humidity that is arriving soon, but will enjoy the 80s today. Happy Weekend!

AsKatKnits said...

Happy weekend, Bridget!

Tired Teacher said...

Multiple sets of needles - go for it. I'd hate to count the number of needles I have for sock knitting. Wooden needles have too much drag for my tastes, so I'm glad that others like knitting with them.

I haven't taken a leisurely walk for ages.

Vera said...

Great list Bridget! Ah yes, the weather has been perfect for sleeping (I just don't like that I had to use heat in the house and in my car the other day). I, too, am not looking forward to 90 degrees and humidity. Yuck!

What colors are you using for Sonora? Have a fabulous weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit this past week was not one I'd like to repeat. But, the weekend looks promising.

Glad you were able to get needles that made the knitting job easier. Can I tell you how jealous I am that you can WALK to Loop???? LOL

Caffeine Girl said...

I have the opposite problem with needles -- I have an insane number of them. I can't stand the idea of being without the right needle at the right time.

It's cool here this morning, but we are headed into read summer heat. Not my favorite weather, but it's nice having different seasons!

sprite said...

Picking strawberries and peas from the garden, and seeing how the potato vines have shot up just since Sunday.

kathy b said...

I am the same with my double points for socks. I shave them down to a sliver before I give up on them. I have found a few with cat bite marks on them???? I just ordered square 2.5's for my next knit up. Cant wait to try them out.

My cats are hot...and not very interactive/lovey. Can't blame them. But our sleeping weather has been divine. I love summer. Just love it.

An especially good moment this week: hearing from my Zach that he is coming in jUly. Maybe to stay, mabye to interview, maybe just to visit and stand up in his friends wedding. No matter, I get to hug him!

Mereknits said...

Your week sounds wonderful. I am so glad you will have family visiting, that sounds like so much fun. Have a great weekend.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've definitely been enjoying a more spring-like spring. My gardens are slower to bloom, but it's nice to not need the a/c

Nance said...

Oooh! Vegetable lasagna! I love it, but yes--a pain to make.

I am all about having the right tools for any job, but I do hate spending Big Bucks. Luckily, I have three national craft/fabric store chains in my area, so that means coupon reciprocity and competitive pricing. It' very rare that I have to pay full price for needles or anything.

Enjoy your weekend!