15 November 2018

Thinking Ahead to the Weekend

You wanna hear something funny (unusual funny, not ha-ha funny)?  Thanksgiving and Christmas are of course two of the big holidays (at least in our house) and we get excited and look forward to them ridiculously.  But ... there are certain rules that are in place.

Case in point:  The Tim's birthday is always right before Thanksgiving - either a few days, or some years as long as a week before.  Therefore, we cannot "officially" begin to celebrate Thanksgiving until we have paid adequate attention to his birthday.  So, yeah, we put our the Thanksgiving decorations, and make our grocery list, but nothing gets started for the day until we've celebrated birthday day first. 

Anyway, his birthday is this coming Sunday, and this year I am somewhat limited in what I am able to do, but I have a few things I'm going to try.  This weekend has, fortunately, nothing else on the schedule, which is great since it's been a long and difficult week, but here are three things I plan to do at a minimum this weekend, in honor of Three on Thursday:

1.  Get a package organized with the pairs of birthday socks I made for my sister and brother-in-law in honor of their 70th birthdays.  If I have my act together, it could even get mailed on Saturday (but let's not get crazy here) - but even if it gets mailed on Monday, it will be there by the end of the week.  And this year, all of their daughters and families will be home for Thanksgiving and the weekend and are planning a celebration, so I wanted to send the gifts so we could be there in spirit.

2.  Figure out how to wrap The Tim's BD gifts (hello gift bags, that I can manipulate in spite of my splint!) and get them ready.  We "used" one of his gifts already last night, when we went to a production of one of our favorite musicals, "Sweeney Todd," presented by the students at the Curtis Institute of Music.  I have the pair of Christmas socks I knit for him, and plan to get him a bottle of his favorite scotch.  The cats and Hamlet are giving him Christmas pajamas, but they may not arrive before Sunday, so we'll see.  And I have decided to get a carrot cake from a bakery here that we really like, since I can't bake one myself.  He already said he wants to get Indian food delivered on Sunday, since he has to work and just wants to come home and just relax all evening. 

3.  Make my gift list for Christmas, which I have usually started well before this, but - well, you know, life.  It's not that much or that involved, but I enjoy it all more when I am organized.  Plus, it gets me in the holiday mood even more, which is never a bad thing.

This time of year is really crazy in our family - besides Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmastime, nearly everyone's birthday is between October 1 and December 30!  (Makes me really happy I'm on my own in March, lol).  But I love it, because it makes the whole time that much more fun. 

Now I just need to get through today and tomorrow at work, go to OT this evening after work and get my hair cut after work tomorrow, and I'll be all set.  I think I can, I think I can ... :-)


Araignee said...

Oh, poor you. I don't envy the struggle it's going to be to keep up. I can't keep up with two good arms.
Our Dec. looks like this:
11th: Son's fiance's b'day
16th: My b'day
17th: Son's b'day
19th: DIL b'day
21st: Grand #1 b'day.

Bonny said...

Wishing Tim a very Happy Birthday! Your plans for his birthday sound wonderful to me. I would be in heaven with handknit socks, a bottle of scotch, Christmas pajamas, and a carrot cake. I hope he is also!

AsKatKnits said...

I really wish I was closer! I would take a thing or two off your list (hello gift wrapper and package mailer!)

I hope your weekend is productive and happy early birthday to The Tim!

Kim in Oregon said...

What is with all the November birthdays? My Tim's is Tuesday and my friend Jen's is Monday. Good luck with the prep.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Both my brother and I are December babies, and my mother always refused to put up the tree until after our birthdays were over.

Sounds like Tim is going to have a wonderful birthday! Carrot cake is my favourite!

Tired Teacher said...

The plans you've made for Tim's birthday sound perfect. I hope everything on your list goes smoothly. Take care with your wrist/arm.

Dee said...

You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!!!

Happy birthday to my most favorite Tim in all the land.

Vera said...

Your plans (and gifts) sound perfect! Happiest Birthday to The Tim!!

karen said...

gift bags and tissue paper are heaven sent! I hope you get all you need to get done with the splint!

Kym said...

Happy Birthday to Tim! It sounds like you have a fun - and productive! - weekend planned! Go, Bridget!!!

kathy b said...

Aw . You are a celebratory family and I LOVE that.

KSD said...

Yeah, I got nothing. I haven't been asked for my Christmas list in years.