28 November 2006

Some answers to some questions

Hey kids, today I'm going to answer some readers' questions!

LMJ wrote that she enjoys reading my blog, and wonders if I have ever considered writing for money?

First of all, thank you for the compliment. Secondly, I really don't think it would be appropriate to write for money. Especially at this time of year, asking my readers to send money would be quite rude. But thanks for asking.

Carol, of Go Knit In Your Hat fame (and she is famous!), after reading my post about not getting to the last skein of Christmas Rock yarn at Stitches East (from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock), asks: Hey, is that a subliminal request for some BBF green and red sock yarn?

Carol, Carol, Carol - don't you know me well enough to know that if I expected you to dye some Black Bunny green and red sock yarn just for me, I would just come out and say so??? Has our time together at Rosie's taught you nothing??? And why are there so many links in this section??

Jasmine requests that I hurry up with some pictures of the vest I knitted for Tim's birthday, even if the photography is not the best, and the lighting sucks.

I am hoping to put up some photos in the next day or so. Currently, that's as hurried as I can get! But I'm glad you want to see it, I just hope it's not anti-climactic ...

Mary has asked several questions:
1. What did we fix for Thanksgiving dinner, if we don't eat turkey?

Good question, Mary, and one I should have just answered when I wrote that we were now vegetarians (because almost everyone asks anyway!). We usually fix all of the same stuff for Thanksgiving dinner that we used to, but instead of putting the stuffing into a turkey, we stuff an acorn squash. And any gravy is mushroom gravy, rather than turkey/giblet gravy. (Even when I used to eat meat, I never liked giblet gravy. I don't even like the word "giblet" ...)

2. Will I please be sure to post a photo of the aforementioned vest when I've used the blocking wires on it?

I definitely will, hopefully next week sometime, after our weekend house guest leaves, and I have the guest room to use for blocking. The only reason you may not see a photo with the blocking wires would be if I get really aggravated trying to figure them out, and throw them in the trash in a frustrated rage. The benefit for all of you is that you won't have to hear the "colorful" language associated with such an act ...

3. Whenever I knit the Summer Braids pattern, please post a photo, so she can see how it looks knitted up.

I shall definitely do that. However, please do not hold your breath, since it may be a while before I get to that one.

The Wicked Witch of the East has not asked any questions that deserve answers. But I knew if I didn't include her, I'd hear about it.

I'll hear about it anyway ...

That's all, folks!


Carol said...

~snort~ Where do we send the checks?

Carol said...

I swear that's so not like me. Must be the approaching holiday. I'm tired of falling behind;)

Bridget said...

Carol, your note made me laugh, don't worry about it!

And after hearing about all of the stuff you have accomplished lately, I find it hard to believe that you are falling behind ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Enjoying your blog, and letting you know your Knit the Classics Ornament Swap parcel was posted this morning. Be on the lookout!

Bridget said...

Now see, I will go INSANE until I get my package!! I love getting packages in the mail, and when I have been told that one is on its way, I get to the point where the poor mailman tries to sneak past our house as quickly as possible if there's no package to deliver ...


mary said...

Hey! Thanks for answering our questions. I enjoy your blog.

Whenever I look at blocking wires I always think I would end up doing just what you said, cussing and saying words I shouldn't and in the end not using them. So I'll be waiting for your pictures... :-) As I'm fond of saying, Patience is a virtue, it's just not one of my virtues - and blocking wires look like they would take a lot of patience.

the wicked witch of the east said...

why ya gotta do me like that. you know how much effort it takes to come up with this stuff. not to mention all the trouble i go through to keep you in giggles in your girlie parts. you should bow before me you peasant.


my project is done, i can't wait to show you. :)