22 August 2007

Happy Birthday (plus 1 day) and Happy Anniversary (before it's over)!

OK, so I'm not as organized this week as I would have been if I weren't on vacation ...

Yesterday, someone in our house turned Sweet 16:

Happy Birthday, Tess!

Yes, our very own Bunyip is now 16 years old. Part of the reason this post is a day late, is because neither The Tim nor I could get a very good birthday picture. The thing about Tess is, that even on her best day, she looks pretty scruffy, and is not pleased to have her picture taken most of the time (whereas the others show up and actually start posing!). But she is our sweetie, and even if she does have a website set up to fund our demise at her hands (paws?), we love her and hope she'll be around to run that website for many more years.

And then today, my sister Mary Ellen and my brother-in-law Patrick (who we recently saw in Baltimore) are celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary! These days, that is quite an accomplishment for anyone. But they are the best, and we love both of them to pieces.

Happy Anniversary, Mary Ellen and Patrick!


... only makes me realize how much working cuts into my day. Sebastian was with us on Monday and Tuesday, and it was so much fun to just hang out with him, especially since we haven't seen him for six weeks while he was at camp. And it's been so great to just do what I want to do - or don't want to do - as the mood strikes. I have actually gotten things "fixed" to where I can begin knitting again on the Shamrock Shawl, and my other project is going along quite well, too. I have tried a couple of times to take an in-progress photo, but it just is not happening. I'm making a string beach/market bag, from a Rosie's pattern and some Adrienne Vittadini Nicole yarn in a blue color. It's fun to work on, and I'm zooming along on it. I had the pattern for a while, and then when I finally got around to buying the yarn, it was on sale - even better! I may have to get more of the yarn, and make a couple for birthday or holiday gifts.

I've also been trying to decide on yarn for my Clapotis, before the KAL starts on September 23. Of course, I've seen some that I just think is gorgeous, but sadly I am neither independently nor dependently wealthy, and cannot plop down $100 or so for yarn! However, Carol is coming to my rescue, offering to dye some yarn just for me. I told her that would be great, as long as it has all 23 of my very favorite colors, and cost no more than $5 ... then she suddenly claimed that she was going on vacation ... hmm ...

And speaking of the KAL, we have 40 people participating at this point, a few not just from other countries, but another hemisphere! Every day this week, I've gotten an e-mail from at least two or three people who want to join us. This is more popular than I have been since ... OK, I've never been this popular. (And fortunately, I've never cared, 'cause otherwise I'd probably be spending my money on therapy rather than yarn!)

I think I'm caught up now. Or at least close ...


Carol said...

Happy Birthday Tess! And a Happy Anniversary to Mary Ellen and Patrick! Many many more to you all!
Wowza! 37 years and a sweet 16? Longevity likes your family! I so want to join this KAL, but I'm inclined to think I won't start. I'm so bad that way!But it is a month away...and I do someone else who may be interested too.

Mistrmi said...

The happiest of all birthdays to Sister Tess!

Gable, Lily and Erin Dean

teabird said...

Tess is a lovely grande dame who deserves SUCH a good petting! I'm sure she gets as much as she deserves.

Maybe the reason I chose the deep maroon for my Clap is to avoid having to choose amongst my favorite colors! (Actually, the yarn chose me.)