21 November 2007


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I couldn't be more pleased, as I think that Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of all. It's nice and cozy, and there are parades, and yummy stuff to eat. What's not to love??

What is aggravating about it are the daily non-news news stories that you hear/read every year. True, perhaps recent arrivals from the planet Ichthrip don't know, but most of us are more than well aware that the day before Thanksgiving is a big travel day, and the weather can make a huge difference, and trains, buses, planes, and highways are all busy, no matter how much gasoline costs.

Then of course the variations on Thanksgiving dinner - for instance, how you can make it more elegant by serving some 42 ingredient casserole instead of regular mashed potatoes, or why you should add caviar to the stuffing. And the ever popular amazed/puzzled/"informative" article on vegetarian Thanksgiving celebrations. Because who would think that vegetarians would be able to celebrate something like Thanksgiving?? I have decided the title of my second book will be Vegetarians : the Freaks of Thanksgiving. (My first book, by the way, is entitled, All This and Cancer Too! I have two great titles. So far that's it.)

In any event, I am still excited that it is Thanksgiving. Because it does seem to make everyone stop - even if for just a second - and think about their lives, family, community, whatever. Actual reflection seems to occur, and people seem a little bit nicer, at least for a moment.

I have a bazillion things that I am thankful for, some more important to me than others. I'm sure that all of you do as well. Whatever they may be, I hope you will enjoy your own version of the holiday, whether you are one of the many travelers, or eating plain mashed potatoes, or waiting for the football games to start. Because each of us can be reflective and happy in our own way, whether anyone else knows it or not.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

What? Traveling is going to be more crowded this week? OMG, why didn't someone tell me!

I love your book titles, btw.

the wicked witch of the east said...

Happy Thanksgiving B!!

Literary Feline said...

Great book titles! Haha I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. And the stories tomorrow will all be about traffic jams and how early people got to the malls. Boring.

Brigitte said...

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing day Bridget!

Carol said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I can't wait to read your books!;)

Ina said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I look at it this way: non-news means there's nothing else to report.