23 February 2008

The Good, the Bad, the Tuna Fish

The Good: I am [finally] finished with the sampler size fair isle tam from my class with Beth Brown-Reinsel last month. It is blocking as I type this.
The Bad: I am still working on the ribbing for the vest I'm making for my class at Rosie's. (No progress at all there ...)

The Good: I ordered the yarn I'll need to knit two more gifts for Christmas, plus the baby hat I'm going to make for Doughboy's baby brother.
The Bad: Our mortgage payment has gone up. Why does everyone else's go down and ours never does? (Rhetorical question, we know we need to refinance.)

The Good: I am very nearly finished with the first of the Christmas gifts I'm knitting.
The Bad: I feel sick today.

The Good: It's the weekend!
The Bad: It was an uber-sucky week at work, with no immediate promise of getting better.

The Good: It's an election year.
The Bad: None of the candidates inspire me. Or really even appeal to me that much. I will vote, however, and be grateful for the privilege.

The Good: I have a haircut appointment two weeks from today.
The Bad: I have to wait two more weeks to get my hair cut.

The Good: We got out of work early yesterday due to ice and snow.
The Bad: I had to trudge over to work in the first place in the ice and snow.

The Good: I got paid yesterday.
The Bad: There are bills waiting to be paid.

The Good: The Tim is downstairs making pizzelles.
The Bad: OK, no bad side to that ...

Oh well, maybe that's how life is, when ...

You Are a Tuna Fish Sandwich**

Some people just don't have a taste for you. You are highly unusual.

And admit it, you've developed some pretty weird habits over the years.

You may seem a bit unsavory from a distance, but anyone who gives you a chance is hooked!

Your best friend: The Club Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Turkey Sandwich

**Oddly, this is quite true I think ... though I admittedly don't know the sandwich types of my friends and enemies ...


Claudia Bugh said...

Very humorous. But, isn't that what life is like? Hope work isn't so sucky next week. Hang in there with your hair - maybe if they understand it's an emergency they can work you in early?

Anonymous said...

Now that I've seen tuna fish sandwich, I'm amazed I didn't get it.

You are so not the only one with ballooning mortgage pmts. Mortgage crisis?

At least you can see the good with the bad! Hope work becomes less sucky soon. What's going on there?

Wendy said...

I bet being a tuna fish sandwich is better than being a liverwurst sandwich with onions!


PS I haven't touched my Kaffe project either.

Mistrmi said...

"Uber-sucky" proves that your mind is still razor-sharp. Here's hoping your body and spirit get in line.

Brigitte said...

:( I hope the feeling sick was a one day thing!

You've got good with the bad...and pizelles? YUM. Very good!

Carol said...

Wahhhh~Bridget, they said we're mortal enmies! I'm tellin!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I'm a tuna as well.

Good or bad?

Anonymous said...

again I take a quiz that you linked to and come out with the same result. Are you sure we aren't the same person?

mary said...

Can't tell if my first attempt to comment was successful or not. Sorry if this is a dupe!

Hope your job improves soon. My is sucky at the moment also.

I turned out to be a turkey sandwich. But honestly, I usually skip lunch, it's not my favorite meal and sandwiches are not my favorite food so it was a difficult quiz for me.