19 June 2008

What the L??

Yes, I'm amusing myself again, with my very own rapier wit (well, that's what I call it anyway ...)

First a little background for you. Nearly every Easter, I either buy an Easter flower (hyacinth, lily, tulip, etc.) for our table, or someone gives us one. When it has lived it's life indoors as a potted plant, I take the bulb and plant it in our garden, always hopeful that the next year, it will come back and we can enjoy it again. At this point, we should have a pretty full patch o' spring flowers in the garden.

We don't.

True, one year, a hyacinth grew, and was really healthy while it lasted. Then nothing for years. So imagine my puzzlement a week or so ago, when I was outside, and noticed some really long, leafy plant, growing out of the ground cover! I then recalled that about three years ago, I planted a lily bulb. And lo and behold:

L is for Lilies!!

And not just one, but count 'em - three blooms! Hooray! And appropriately timed for the letter L in the ABC Along 2008, even better! They are really beautiful, if somewhat lonely-looking, all by themselves in the corner of the garden. But it's still very exciting for however long they last ...

Anything eLse?

(Once again, amusing myself, sorry about that.)

The other day I came home from work, and there was one of those little pink slips in the mailbox saying a package was waiting for me at the post office. If you know me at all, or have ever read more than one posting here, you know that I LOVE to get packages in the mail. The Tim was off the next day, so he was kind enough to pick it up for me. I got home the next day, and saw that the box was from my niece Amanda, who lives in Baltimore. I opened it up, and there were all kinds of fun things!

Such as:

(From left to right, a patriotic one, a party one, and a beach-loving one ...)

"Why are they not afraid of me, I wonder? "

Next up, Catholic School salt and pepper shakers. One is a nun, and the other is a scared-looking student.

The back of the package is hilarious - there is a student is writing all over the blackboard: "I am personally responsible for the sins of the world" - perfect!

But wait - that's not everything! Nope, here is the piece de resistance:

A copy of Warren Brown's book Cake Love, inscribed to us! Amanda had called to tell me when she and her husband Patrick went to the booksigning, that it was really fun, and they ended up talking to him for a really long time, and that he was so friendly, etc. So I knew she had gone to get one of the books, but really was not expecting her to get one to send to us as well, so it was a great surprise.

Plus, it's all about CAKE. Throw in something shiny I've reached nirvana. (Not to mention that Warren Brown is pretty cute. So even if you don't want to bake a cake, you can just enjoy the cover. Yep. Win-win ...)

Now I must go lie down - all the excitement, you know ... and tomorrow is Friday!


Quilting Mama said...

Wow, Easter lily returns. You are the first person I know of who has had any result from planting the bulb.

Enjoy, but don't invite me over until after the blooms fade - I like breathing.

What fun ducks. Great package to get especially unexpectedly.

Anonymous said...

boy does your family have you pegged!!

teabird said...

The ducks alone would make me swoon!

Anonymous said...

Warren has one of those sexy sugar voices, too. A whole package of cakey goodness is he. Phwar.

Okay, carry on.


Anonymous said...

Not every bulb thrives when you replant it after blooming. Some have to be kept in a dry and dark place for a while. If you want lots of flowers I would recommend bluebells and botanical daffodils. They come back every year and multiply without you having to do anything.

A Dutch knitter

Brigitte said...

I was gonna say...a man who bakes cakes? Hello.

I've been living here for 10 years, and every spring, the same tulips come up in the front yard. No one has planted bulbs there since I've been here...Amazing that they keep coming back year after year!

knitseashore said...

I'm cooking-impaired, but I can appreciate a personally signed book -- how cool!!

Will you be posting photos of your cakes for us?

Anonymous said...

Nice of the lilies to wait for each other! That must be spectacular.

Something like that gift box! Niiiice. Good to be you!