04 April 2009

I'm Not the Person I Think I Am ...

You know, I like to think that I'm a person who can adapt/be flexible/roll with the punches - that changes in my usual routine are not a big deal.

In reality, that does not seem to be the case. This always surprises me, though by now you'd think I would have "gotten" it ...

In the past few weeks, I've been getting used to a new routine for my new job. Yes, the hours are different, and it's a whole other type of atmosphere and set of duties for me. However, none of those changes are incredibly drastic. True, this job is more physically challenging than most others I've had, but I figured, big deal, I'm in shape.

So I've now had two weeks of training, and a week with my new job, new schedule, new everything under my belt. And so far, I'm feeling like a zombie! Fortunately, not the kind that you need to worry about, but still, I am lucky I have the energy and strength to eat dinner before I can go to bed.

What a wimp. Seriously.

I tell myself that once I'm actually used to this routine, it won't be any big deal. In the meantime, I feel like I'm watching the world exist through a blurry window. It's a strange feeling.

But, as my mother used to say, you get used to hanging if you hang long enough (yeah, I know - not the most comforting thing for your mother to tell you), which is true.

On the plus side, at least I'm not hanging!

A few posts ago, in the comments, Lorraine asked me what I have been knitting lately. (See above. Quick answer: Nothing.) But I am starting two new projects this weekend, and get this - I actually HAD to buy some yarn, to meet the requirements of my job!

Well ... kinda. We wear uniforms, and when it's cold if we want to wear anything around our neck, or gloves, etc. on our hands, they must be dark brown or black. Out of all of the yarn I have, I had absolutely no dark brown or black. I have a lot of clothes like that, but I tend to buy brightly colored yarn. So what could I do - I had to go to Rosie's today and get yarn to make a cowl and some fingerless mitts. Oh, the sacrifice!

Now before I go any further, you may be thinking that it's foolish of me to knit a cowl and fingerless mitts, as spring is officially here. Except that it has been cool and rainy here lately, and in any event, if you are working inside the prison in one of the cellblocks, it is FREAKING COLD ALL OF THE TIME.

I'm deciding between the Ivy's Cowl, or the Darkside Cowl. (Sorry, for you non-Ravelers.) And I had thought I would just make a pair of Fetching for the mitts, as I have always had success with that pattern, and I like the way they look. Then I was poking around on Ravelry, and found this pattern, (non-Ravelers can see it here, if they click on the link under Designs for "owlings,") which is an adaptation of the Fetchings pattern - but the cablework ends up looking like owls! So I think I'll give it a try, especially since I think it would be particularly appropriate in a dark brown yarn.

I'm going to start one of the projects above while watching Villanova and North Carolina fight it out tonight. (I think I'll be able to stay awake that late ...)


Lisa said...

Phillies home opener next week, that should warm your cockles. :)

Carrie K said...

Those owlings would be cute! And warm. Knit something cuddly for yourself, that place sounds like it needs all the cuddly it can get. Prison. [shudders]. At least you get to go home at night.

Italian Backgrounds? An Edith Wharton novel I haven't read? Must. Remedy. I've always wanted to go to Italy but I doubt that will help. It didn't in Udolpho. :)

teabird said...

I've done two darksides - it's a fascinating pattern, very geometric. Of course, how can it compete with owls?

a simple yarn said...

I wouldn't worry too much about your 'wimpiness'. What you've described mirrors my own experiences with starting a new job. And I'm not even thinking about knitting yet!

Carol said...

You know, I think the first couple of weeks of a new job are one of the most stressful and overwhelming times a person can have. It doesn't matter whether the hours or different or the job is physically demanding -- it's the challenge of everything being new, remembering names and routines, having to ask what to do when something comes up, etc. I have never had a new job where I didn't want to quit the first week! Be extra nice to yourself and you will find that when it all gets more familiar, you'll feel less zombielike.


Lorraine said...

Bridget- I don't adapt well to change, and I admit to being a creature of habit. What you're doing sounds so interesting- you'll feel better in a few weeks.

It has been cold, hasn't it?

Wendy said...

This is kind of what I've found has happened to my drinking ability - once, I went out several nights a week, drank my face off, felt fine. Now, I go out once a week, have two beers - and I'm all sleepy loopy. I'm attributing it to change in drinking schedule, certainly not age!

Lynn said...

I have this problem too when I start a new job. I'm exhausted for the first month. Then I adjust. Since I don't change jobs as often these days, I feel this way when the kids start school. All that getting up early and going back on a schedule is hard when you are used to a flexible one.