03 March 2010

Admit It, You're Fascinated

OK, so it's gonna be hard to top Jetsam's stream-of-consciousness post, complete with pictures ... so I'm not even attempting to try it.  I read him most of the comments, leaving out Mary's, who compared him to Faulkner.  It's a nice compliment, but I'm not sure he needs to know that he's been compared to one of the greats of the literary canon! 

Besides the fact that I am only slowly getting back to being more focused and coherent.  Then along came Lisa, who gave me and my blog an award:

It comes complete with a set of questions that I must answer, which is just perfect for my current attention span.

1.  Where is your cell phone? Um, I don't have one ...
2,  Your hair? Short!
3.  Your mother? Dead.
4.  Your father? Deader.  (Well, it's true, he died about 20 years before my mom died ...)
5.  Your favourite food? I can only choose one of my favorite foods?  OK, I'll say potatoes.
6.  Your dream last night? Was extremely convoluted, and not even possible.
7.  Your favourite drink? Tea.
8.  Your dream/goal? To be a writer who does dog-walking for a hobby.
9.  What room are you in? Computer/craft/junk room.  (It multitasks better than I do.)
10. Your hobby? Reading and knitting are probably in a tie for first place here.
11. Your fear? Becoming homeless.
12.  Where do you want to be in six years? Still above ground.
13.  Where were you last night? Home.
14.  Something that you aren’t? Patient.
15.  Muffins? Sure! I'd like two, please.
16.  Wish list item? Shoes.
17.  Where did you grow up? Washington, PA; Teaneck, NJ; Chicago, IL; Wheeling, WV.
18.  Last thing you did? Put a load of towels in the dryer.
19.  What are you wearing? Sweatpants and a red fleece top.
20.  Your TV? Confusing - all 52 absolutely necessary remotes ...
21.  Your pets? Currently, 3 cats: Tess (calico), Garden Kitty (black fuzzball), Jetsam (gray and white).
22.  Friends? Very few.
23.  Your life? A good one.
24.  Your mood? Amused (as usual, for the wrong reasons).
25.  Missing someone? Always.
26,  Vehicle? An electric blue Mazda 3.
27.  Something you’re not wearing? Shoes.
28.  Your favourite store? That depends on the day and my mood.
29.  Your favourite colour? Green, closely followed by blue.
30. When was the last time you laughed? About 15 minutes ago, reading someone's Facebook update.
31.  Last time you cried? This past weekend, thinking about a friend who recently died.
32.  Your best friend? My husband.
33. One place that I go to over and over? DiBruno's.
34. One person who emails me regularly? Some Nigerian Prince.
35. Favourite place to eat? The garden or the deck in the nice weather.

See kids, you too can be an interesting person!  I'm supposed to pass this along to six other worthy bloggers, who may or may not want to play along.  It's up to them, but here are my choices.  Before I go any further, I started to make this list, and the first thing I would write about each person was that they had a good sense of humor - so I'll just say it here, and stop repeating it six more times!

dmaxi - she is unafraid to speak her mind, knits, and she lives in Ireland.  Need I say more?
Carrie K - she is a great book and TV fan, and I wish she lived closer.
Brigitte - she has 4 cats, knits, loves Tim Horton's, and lives in Canadia!
Chris - she is mom to Chaos and Mayhem, and loves to read and knit.
Chan - she is mom to Missy Sissy and Gretchen Greer, two of the sweetest pup girls, knits, and loves tea.
Kathleen - she is mom/stepmom to three sweet kiddos, is a budding designer, and is also mom to Riley, Jetsam's doppelganger!

As you were.  'Night.


Lisa said...

We forgot our mutual fear of land sharks. :-)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only person in the world who doesn't have a cell phone :)

Marie said...

I enjoy lists of questions like this. It lets me know a little more about you without actually invading your privacy.

Channon said...

What fun, and I was truly honored and delighted to see my name on the list! I'll comply... right after the DoT post, which should follow the folding and stuffing and stamping of the last few statements...

LOVE Chaos and Mayhem as names. My first fish were Bogie and Bacall.

Carol said...

Tell me more about what you're wearing....

Brigitte said...

Alright, cool! I have my assignment for this weekend!

Wait a second...the Nigerian Prince said that I was the ONLY one chosen to be e-mailed. You're fibbing. No WAY he'd be conning me.

Anonymous said...

"As you were" is pretty good --- don't sell yourself short on this blogging thing!

(Oh, and my verification word here today is drankine. Where I'm from, that means the imbibing of certain spirits. . . )

Kathleen said...

Thanks, babe! I'm working on my questionnaire now :)

mary said...

Oh alright :) perhaps Jetsam's not exactly a Faulkner, but you have to admit,those long, long, run on sentences without a break that make you want to gasp for air, reminded me so much of one of my favorite authors.

Jetsam, don't you let anyone sell you short, always continue to express yourself as you have done, explaining always that truth is beauty and beauty truth, and all this shown on an ancient Greek vessel where two beautifully painted figures reached for each other in an unachievable stretch for true and unending love, where mortals and gods .... Oh, sorry, I need to take a breath now :)

Seriously, Faulkner's The Bear, and his Nobel acceptance speach, there's little better I think.

"Our tragedy today is a general and univeral physical fear so long sustained...."

Mary gasp for air now...