06 July 2011

All Over the Place

That's what this post will be.  I have some pictures to show you, but at the moment, I cannot locate the connector to download them from my camera.  So you breathless anticipation waiting to see them will just have to continue for now.

The Evil Boss' last day at work was a week ago tomorrow.  No one misses her, and the person who is the interim director has already made some popular changes.

I am excited because starting next Monday, and for two more Mondays after that, I've signed up for a class at Spool.  I have done sewing before, always quite basic, but though we are making a simple Summer Dress (that's the name of the class), it is lined.  I've never attempted such a thing, and am frankly a little nervous.  But I'll have someone showing me, not trying to figure it out on my own, so I think it will work.  And I love the fabric I bought for it (which is one of the pictures still in my camera)!

On Monday while I was home, I tried my hand at making homemade butter, using the directions for a food processor here.  It worked, and is it ever yummy!  I froze some and left some out for us to use.  It was especially good on our corn on the cob that was part of our 4th of July dinner!  We don't use butter a lot, but when we do, we like the real stuff (as opposed to margarine or a blend).  I was led to the recipe by Maura, who has been trying some amazing and interesting recipes this summer. 

My lungs have improved after my bout with pneumonia.  Enough so that I rode my bicycle the other day for slightly more than 13 miles and didn't feel like I was gonna die.  I am so glad to know not just that I'm doing OK, but that I won't have to ignore my bike this summer.

I'm busily knitting away on Graydon and Narragansett, and as you have probably guessed by now, my pictures of the work in progress are still sitting in the camera.  I am enjoying both patterns, though the other night I got cocky, and knit two rounds of the sweater before realizing I was knitting the wrong rows of the inset pattern!  Taking out 2 rows of approximately 200 stitches was enough make me *very* attentive the next time I picked that project up, let me tell you ...

Recently, The Tim and I watched "Cedar Rapids" and really enjoyed it.  It's funny, and sweet, and was perfect for a Saturday evening.  I recommend it, particularly if you are a fan of Ed Helms, who plays the main character.

Lorraine informs me that she could be a supplier of Tim Horton's coffee (see comments to this post).  Tempting, but I can only guess how much it would cost her to mail it to the U.S.  It's so nice of her to offer, but I should probably make an effort (oh the tragedy - effort!) to locate a source in the U.S. for mail order.  Or just settle for what we have, which is actually fine.

Jetsam and Pip are fine.  Jetsam has been spending most of his time during the hot weather under our bed, which he seems to think is a comfy spot.  Pip finds this puzzling, and does not understand why Jetsam is so annoyed with him when he is interrupted.  Pip has taken to doing something really funny.  When he hears the snap of the can of cat food opening at dinner time (they get some of the food in tiny cans.  Like Fancy Feast, but most of the time, they are the generic equivalent), he runs out of the kitchen, and does a circle through the hallway, through the dining area, and back to the kitchen.  We have no idea why, but it has become known as "Pip's Victory Lap."

Turns out that we got to see Halden, Ben, and James before they left for their move to Denver after all.  It was a week ago tonight, and I can't tell you how much it meant to us!  But oh was it hard to say goodbye.  I'll show pictures when they are available.  (See previous mentions of photos not shown here at the moment.)

We had a lovely holiday weekend.  For a change, both of us were off work for the entire three days!  We had originally planned to go to the shore on Sunday, but it was raining there, so we stayed put.  No problem, it still felt like a nice long amount of time.

OK, I've run out of rambles for now.  Hopefully, next time I can show you pictures rather than just referring to them ...


Carrie#K said...

The sewing class sounds like fun. I miss sewing - it's so quick compared to knitting!

Oh, excellent, I'm glad you got some time with Halden, Ben, and James before they left.

13 miles, good for you.

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Y'know. When you can.

SissySees said...

Taking a sewing class is high up on my bucket list. Still, that means that July 2013 is about the earliest it might happen...

Sounds as though the ebb and flow is positive right now. Ride that wave!!

Michelle said...

There are Tim Horton's in Maine if you're ever up that way!

Lorraine said...

Bridget-Say the word. It comes in really huge cans that are available here at the grocery store.

Have fun with your sewing class. I haven't done much sewing - I think I've forgotten how.