26 July 2011

Seriously? This is how you want to play it?

Dear Universe ~ I know you have a lot going on, and I can appreciate that a lot of stuff probably falls through the cracks for you.  For instance, it would have been a good thing if you had been paying more attention to the crazy person in Norway, instead of, oh I don't know - Kim Kardashian suing Old Navy because someone on their commercials looked too much like her.  But we all have our moments, and you Oh Great Universe are no more perfect than the rest of us, I realize that.

Overall, I am content with my life.  I am lucky enough to have a great (if crazy) family, a job that I like and where they seem to like me, a house that is perfect if not perfectly fixed up, and general good health.  So much more than I should expect, and incredibly more than so many others.  I am grateful, even if I don't realize it every single moment of every single day.

But I would like to know why, at random times, you decide to mess with me all at once.  You may not realize it, but 99% of the time, I try to pay attention to people and things around me, and do the right thing.  Whereas, it seems that there are plenty of others who could use a nice whack upside the head.  Not for me to decide, but really - it doesn't take Stephen Hawking to figure it out.

So I'm just wondering why recently, you have decided that it's time again for Universe vs. Bridget.  For instance:

1.  The heat and humidity.  Actually, I'm giving you this one.   Because it is summer, and though I think you've gone way overboard, I'm the one who gets irritated when people wimp out in the winter.  Still, some nice days and cool nights again would not be admitting defeat on your part as far as I'm concerned.

2.  My plans for last Saturday.  I had it all worked out, and had saved my money for going to two sales - one at a shoe store that has great shoes and only has a sale once a year, and one at the fabric store where I was taking the sewing class.   Spending the day instead at a local ER with an abscessed, infected subcutaneous cyst, and then walking to the drugstore to get two Rxs filled in the 100-degree heat + humidity was not part of said plan.  I'm very glad all is well now, but really?  You couldn't have waited until my scheduled doctor's appointment for today?  That just seems inconsiderate.

3.  And while we're at it, my sewing class.  As you know I had also saved money to pay for that, and buy the material and pattern.  I was really excited about it.  Then I realized after the first class that the finished dress would be too short.  OK, that could be resolved with a different fabric "trimming" the hem.  I paid such close attention when we took our measurements, and listened when the instructor told me what size would correspond.  I took my time, followed the instructions exactly.  And what did I get?  A dress that is too small.  Thanks for nothing.

4.  Though this one isn't directly mine, what about my friend Kate?  She has spent the last four months taking care of a kitty called Frank, who had to have his tail amputated.  She has posted pictures and stories about how wonderful he was on Facebook.  He was ready for adoption, and although The Tim did not want us to take him (he wants time for Pip to really settle in), I told anyone interested that Frank was available for adoption.  Kate put lots of time into posting on Petfinder, etc. that he was adoptable.  Finally the weekend before last, a family wanted to adopt him.  But then he died.  Unexpectedly, leaving the family bereft, and Kate so incredibly sad because she not only took care of him, but loved him as well.  This one has me really puzzled, 'cause she does foster animals and care for them all of the time, and really doesn't expect any reward except knowing an abandoned animal found a loving home.  This one is just uncalled for, if you ask me.

Granted, something else I had to do unexpectedly yesterday ended up turning out well.  But I would like to make a request, that the next time you decide to "choose" me, you'll spread it out or better yet, skip me for a few months at least. 

Thanks for your time.

Yours, Bridget

P.S. Having said all of the above, if the choice is between me and my family and/or friends and/or pets, then do choose me.  But elstwise, I'd be happy to submit a list of a few people who could use some of your attention.


judi said...

i like to take this a step farther and say to the universe that we shouldn't even know that kim kardashian exists.

Marie said...

Sometimes it does seem that the Universe is out to get me. I sympathize.

Bridget said...

Judi - I'd have to agree!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And I agree wholeheartedly with both Judi and Bridget.

Anonymous said...

An infected subcutaneous cyst ON THE WEEKEND when you had a scheduled doctor's appointment on Tuesday??? You have probably singlehandedly thwarted a horrifying event.

Isn't that just so terrible about that camp in Norway? What goes on in the heads of madmen that are capable of that? Can it be fixed? Seen in advance?

Poor Frank. Poor Kate. Poor Future Family. At least he was very well loved in his last days.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Aside from the cyst- KIM KARDASHIAN- what purpose does she serve?

Kim said...

What IS the deal with the Universe? I hate to think you've gotten the overrun from my abysmal year.

Carrie K said...

Oh. That anonymous was me. Sorry about that!

Kate said...


Lynn said...

I think the Universe has a sick sense of humor that none of us can understand.