14 August 2011


Over the past two to three weeks, I have not had the desire or the inspiration to do anything that I usually enjoy.  At first, I thought this was only related to my knitting.  I'd reached a point on my Narragansett sweater where I needed help (kindly offered when we can coordinate schedules by Andrea) before proceeding, and though I am enjoying the Graydon Socks pattern, I just don't feel like knitting them. 

Then I realized I wasn't in the mood to read, either - did you see that, NOT IN THE MOOD TO READ??!  Usually, no matter what else I do or don't want to do, I always feel like reading something.  If not books, then I catch up on magazines.  But no go at the moment.

What about watching a movie, or TV shoes we like and have recorded?  Not really.

I really hate when this kind of thing happens.  It's not like I'm a regular ball of fire, but most of the time, there is something that not just occupies my time, but that I enjoy and look forward to.  I wouldn't mind if it was only one thing, but it seems to be all the things I normally enjoy doing.

Maybe the horrible summer has just really all caught up with  me, and even my brain has run out of energy. 

All I know is, the whole thing is extremely annoying! 

At least there are still things that can make me happy and entertain me, no matter what else is going on in my life or that of the universe.

Pip (inside) and Jetsam (outside) try to attack each other

As long as these two can keep me laughing, I know it will all be OK.


Marie said...

I get like that sometimes and I usually get over it after a few days. Here's to your recovery (maybe this summer-long heat wave will abate sometime soon)! (Love your new background!)

joanchicago said...

Girrrl! I know the feeling. Where would we be if not for cats? (I too love the new background.)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm sorry you in a bit of a funk. It's these dog days of August. Just think in a few short weeks it will be the start of Fall and college football season ~ that's always fun (except when we lose).

This book is probably not your taste at all but I'm really enjoying Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. There is also a mystery sock KAL that I've joined and it's fun too.

Hope you feel more yourself soon!!!! xoxox

Anonymous said...

I hate it when The Lethargic Beast comes for a visit.

Lorette said...

I haven't read anything in about 2 weeks, and I'm stuck on a knitting project that I despise. There must be something going around.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- That's the worst.