18 August 2011

That Personal Touch

This is neither about knitting nor reading, but just something I felt like writing.  It is something that on one hand amuses me, but on the other hand, really has me puzzled.

For as long as I can remember, people have always told me things that a) I didn't ask to know, b) that I usually don't want to know, and c) that I would be unlikely to tell even closest friends.  According to The Tim, there is a sign across my forehead that only I cannot see, and it says "Spill Your Guts." 

Don't get me wrong - I am good at keeping things that others tell me to myself.  It's not really a conscious act, I guess I've always been that way.  And often I understand when friends, family, or other relatives tell me things that I have no reason to know. 

But co-workers?  That just puzzles the bejesus out of me.  Case in point:  at work, I am on the Wellness Committee.  We recently started what is called the Academy Step-Up program, and those participating were able to pick up a pedometer from HR.  Everyone keeps track of their steps on a shared site, and each week a person is named as the one with Most Steps, Most Improved, Most for X number of Weeks - you get the picture.  It is my responsibility to send out the all-staff e-mails making these announcements, since apparently I am known as someone who writes "hilarious" e-mails to the rest of the staff.  (The head of our division recently said to the Interim Director at a meeting, "Who knew Bridget was so kooky?"  Seriously.)

Anyway, on Monday mornings, I send a very brief reminder to everyone to add their steps for the week to our online record by Wednesday morning.  Then, every Wednesday, I send an e-mail announcing the winners. 

Without fail, and easily within 10 minutes of sending that e-mail, I get 5-6 e-mail responses from people telling me why they didn't do well that week.  And I mean detailed info.  Not "I forgot my pedometer," but rather, "I had my pedometer, but then we went on vacation to Wisconsin, and I forgot it, but we did A LOT of walking."  Granted, this is not the personal type of stuff that I usually get (thank God!), but there's always someone explaining themselves.  And not necessarily the same people.

Now, I want the Wellness Committee's ideas to work, and people to be healthier, etc., but I really do.not.care. if/why/how anyone was able to log their amounts.  Also, I am not the Pedometer Police - the only "penalty" is not being able to be included in the tallies for any given week.  So it amuses me that so many people that I do not even know are writing to me in apologetic or defensive fashion to tell me their excuses/problems! 

But I also wonder - why DO people tell me this stuff?  Much like I don't care why people aren't logging their steps, I also *really* don't care to know about my co-workers' sex lives, or the neighbors' problems with each other, or that a customer in the yarn shop on Sunday gets terrible gas after she eats rice.  And it's not like I start the ball rolling by sharing something first.

Does this happen to anyone else?  Or will everyone in the world eventually tell me everything?


Carrie#K said...

It's the "Spill Your Guts" on your forehead. What else could it be?

I wish I got random confessions. That sounds like fun.

Did your knitting/reading ennui pass? I've been afflicted by the same thing lately. I'm assuming it's due to the bad behavior of my knitting and the inability for some authors to just GET TO THE POINT. Maybe I should read short stories.

Marie said...

I find that a lot of people think I'm just a big ear waiting to absorb anything they feel like talking about. A lot of times I just want to be left in peace and quiet. I like quiet. I am quiet. I don't know why people do this.

SissySees said...

I get them too, especially from the boys at the firehouse. I hadn't thought of making a contest out of it, but since your contest seems to invite more crazy stuff, I think I'll pass.

Lynn said...

Sounds like you should have been a therapist!!! LOL

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I definitely have some knowledge about people that I really wish I didn't. I can keep it to myself, but it slants my opinion of them.

Some things don't need to be disclosed.

Quilting Mama said...

Rather hear about why people don't post their steps then why they have the same clothes on for 2 days in a row or that they got "stuck on 4th street"