01 October 2011

October 1 Ramblings

Yay!  October 1st, which means that [at least in theory] the weather will be cooler, the leaves will start to turn, and things start coming up all over the place at Chez Ravell'd Sleave.  So why not update you on our exciting lives?
  • Today is my nephew Chad's 42nd birthday (yay!).  How can I have a nephew that is in his 40s???
  • Today would also be Doughboy's birthday.  I miss him even more, which I didn't think was possible.  (boo)
  • The Phillies are in the playoffs again.  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!
  • Remember some of the knitting projects I was going to tackle in this post?  Well, tomorrow, I'll take Narragansett with me to Rosie's, 'cause Andrea said she would help me figure out what to do next;  the Graydon socks are YARN HOGS - I'm gonna have to finish the foot with different yarn (boo); the Mallard Sweater still has a ways to go before I need to find help with the next part; the Adventskalendar will be done this year, though the latest little hat I knit turned out to be a duplicate.  Eejit.  Oh well, it will be a nice package decoration.
  • The Birthday Marathon in my family has started (see first bullet).  Time to wish I'd bought stock in Hallmark ...
  • Mary lost her dear kitty, Percy.  (boo)  This makes me sad, though I know he had a wonderful, loving life.  According to pictures, he looked like our Hannah, who I'm sure has already become his special friend in heaven.
  • The Phillies are in the playoffs again. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!
  • Our anniversary is coming up in 27 days.  Which means it's time to start planning what we would like to do, and then change our minds at least 4 times each day.
  • Jetsam and Pip are becoming more cuddly with the cooler weather.  (yay!)
  • The weather has finally become cooler, and I hope it stays!  For the last couple of weeks, temperature and precipitation wise, it's been like living in a rain forest. (boo)
  • Oh, and did I mention that the PHILLIES are in the PLAYOFFS???

Speaking of which, in order to "experience" the playoffs, The Tim and I will be returning to the 1940s, and listening to the games on the radio.  Maybe we'll even have a cold beer from the icebox ... because we are nothing if not on the cutting edge of the early 20th century ...


Lorraine said...

Bridget- Hooray for cold weather-

AND the Phillies!

Kathleen Dames said...

You guys are so cute :) Congrats on the Phillies making the playoffs. Chez Purly is a bit (a *bit*) sad that the Red Sox conked out in September, but we'll survive. Good luck with all your projects. I've been suffering post-birthday malaise and haven't been knitting much but am now getting back on track - this weekend's NYC yarn crawl helped!

Kim said...

Though no longer a baseball fan (sorry!), I always felt it was the only sport that is truly better on radio. Basketball is good, too, but baseball rules.

Anonymous said...

I usually lurk, but your radio comment resonated.

I have fond memories of listening to the Atlanta Braves and Skip Carey on the radio during the summer. This would have been during the time of Hammerin' Hank and Phil Niekro (king of the WTF kind of pitch was THAT?!?!).
*sigh* I still enjoy listening to baseball on the radio.

ETA--Sorry my Google account won't let me post, so I'm having to do it an anonymous... ~_^

Lynn said...

*icebox* LOL

Carrie K said...

Thank goodness for the Phillies, yes?

Birthday marathon! Sneaks up on you. Hey, my little brother is officially almost a decade older than I am at this point.